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RTS/FPS hybrid Executive Assault 2 exits Steam Early Access today

Executive Assault 2, the innovative RTS/FPS hybrid, today left the orbit of Steam Early Access after five years of careful development, adding new features and improvements based on feedback from the dedicated Executive Assault community. The game, a sequel to 2015’s indie gem, first arrived on Steam in 2018, developed by solo indie developer Rob Hesketh.

Executive Assault 2’s time in Early Access was genre-leading, with several games emerging in the years since being inspired to fuse first-person gunplay and real-time strategy (RTS) in the Executive Assault 2 style. The Executive Assault 2 experience remains distinct, and additions during its time in Early Access include brand-new factions, powerful weapons, and out-of-this-world visual effects as players battle in the outer reaches of space as the CEO of their galactic corporation.


Taking on the role of both a CEO and military commander, players must establish a formidable fleet of starships and corral an army of troops in the fight for corporate dominance across the galaxy. Researching new and more complex technologies to keep pace with their competitors is essential, or players may face a hostile takeover. Those who want to leave the boardroom behind can stay in the thick of battle as an Executron, an experience that takes place in the feature-packed FPS perspective.

Invading asteroid bases, capturing outposts, and piloting mechs into battle are just some methods CEOs can use to secure their spot at the top in both PvP and PvE modes. Combat in Executive Assault 2 is more than just ship-to-ship skirmishes. Invade other space stations for vital resources or show no mercy by simply blasting them into oblivion. Switching between viewpoints gives endless control over how CEOs want to play, combined with a customisation suite enabling unique corporation logos, unit names, and products. 


Executive Assault 2’s Mission Log

  • A distinct blend of real-time unit command and fast-paced FPS action.
  • Design and manage your own explorable space station.
  • Construct starship fleets and take part in epic showdowns across the cosmos.
  • Expansive tech tree offers powerful upgrades and improved fighting units.
  • Build superweapons capable of destroying whole systems.
  • Both PVP and PVE modes let CEOs fight for space dominance in a variety of ways.


Executive Assault 2 is available to buy on Steam. Explore the archives on Twitter and network with fellow CEOs by joining the official Discord community.

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