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Sail the Seven Seas in Sagres – out now on Nintendo Switch!

Sagres, the open-world sailing simulation RPG, is now available worldwide on Nintendo Switch. Its release was announced in this week’s Japan region Indie World presentation.

In Sagres, players explore the Seven Seas circa the 1400s as the fresh-faced ship captain Fernando. You can customise your ship and battle against pirates and sea monsters. And you can assemble a crew to delve into the mysterious disappearance of the legendary explorer, Sir Antonio.

Sagres is the debut game from solo indie developer Ooze – based out of South Korea – and is published by Kakehashi Games as part of their mission to help indie developers in Asia reach global audiences.

Sagres Market

You can grab the game on the eShop right now.

Explore The Seven Seas!

Sail around the entire world, from the snow capped mountains of North America to the Saharan plains of Africa, via everywhere in-between! Discover hundreds of real locations, set up vital trade routes, and search local markets for new goods to trade.

Battle On Land And Sea!

Arm yourself to the teeth with a plethora of swords, guns, cannons and armour as you fight against pirates, thieves, wild animals and mythical creatures. Can you become the master and commander of a unique “rock-paper-scissors” turn-based combat system?

Sagres Sea battle

Customize Your Ship!

Load your vessel up to the deck with cannons, and it will be formidable in combat. However, you’ll need to make sure you have the necessary cargo space for resources to support your crew. Maintaining order in everything can make the difference between success and failure.

Build Your Reputation!

Become the world’s greatest explorer! Take on contracts from various guilds to make discoveries, find treasures no one else can and rise through the ranks. Accrue enough fame and maybe you’ll even brush up against royalty on your way to the top!

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