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Sengoku Dynasty Farming Update Now Live!

Players of Sengoku Dynasty will be pleased to read that the latest free update to the game is now live. This is the first major content update for the game. Developers Superkami and publishers Toplitz Productions are please to have launched the update.

Sengoku Dynasty is a single-player life sim game that allows players to build and manage villages in an open-world feudal Japan. At the time of writing the game is in Early Access on Steam and is rated Mostly Positive with 70% of  the 2,126 Steam reviews rating it highly.

The Farming Update is Live!

The full farming update will actually arrive in stages and the first is a major content drop. It introduces a diverse variety of land and water crops to aid your village to grow and harvest food. Such crops include millet, garlic, leeks, wasabi, turnips, parsley, and also rice.

The update also introduces a new village, Aratani. This is a peaceful farming village where players will be able to interact with farming traders. This means you can restock resources and embark on some exciting new quests. The new village is situated in the southern region of the games vast map.

sengokudynasty farming1

You may also notice that the update brings in some new farming tools as well as a new farming structure, the compost station.

Superkami have been taking community feedback on board since launch. So, there is a new game feature that is highly requested which is ‘regrowth’. This will lessen the desolation caused by deforestation and overly harvested resources as they will now regrow or respawn over time. This includes depleted mining deposits too.

sengokudynasty farming2

There is also the introduction of emotes. This is aimed more for those who are/will be playing the game in co-op mode. You will now be able to greet your fellow players with a polite bow, for example. There are currently 12 emotes added as part of this update.

“Agriculture was both a crucial activity in medieval Japan and one of the most often requested features by our players. We’re pleased to introduce it in our first major content update, which also includes a substantial performance boost for the entire game. We look forward to sharing more about our future plans soon.” – says Jan Cieślar, CEO of Superkami

The update trailer is below. You can also check out our previous news as well as visit the official Steam Page for more information about the game.

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