Serum Playtest is Live!

Gamers are invited to help shape the enigmatic world of Serum as the playtest is now live. Developer Game Island and publisher Toplitz Productions are excited to announce this playtest for their first-person survival adventure game can now be tried out on Steam on PC.

Serum will release in Q2 2024 on Steam.

You Have One Week.

Yep, that’s one whole week to try the game out for free. I’d say that’s pretty darned generous. I know this is very early access to the game and it may have some serious issues, but that’s the point of a playtest. So here’s you chance to have a go and explore two of the game’s biomes as it prepares for its Steam Early Access launch.

The game will put players to the ultimate test as they seek ways of surviving this brutal world. But, that’s not all, you will also have to uncover a deadly conspiracy. During the playtest, gamers will be able to delve into the mechanics and explore different abilities and strategies through crafting and serum brewing.

“At this stage in the game’s development, player feedback is still as crucial as ever to optimize the player experience. Steam Next Fest was great as a platform to share what we’ve been working on these past few months and gain insights from the community in highlighting areas to tweak further. This latest playtest puts our latest enhancements through their paces, including the game’s new Serum brewing UI,” said Game Island CEO Michał Ojrzyński.

After trying the game out on the playtest, players are invited to join Game Island’s Discord server. This is so they can leave constructive feedback, you may join the server here.

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news. If you want to have a go on the playtest please visit the Steam Store page to apply for access.

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