Sphere - Flying Cities

Sphere – Flying Cities Gets Schooled

Sphere – Flying Cities welcomes a new update in its early access lifecycle today. The Age & Education update launches today on the stratosphere-sailing survival city-builder from developers Hexagon Sphere Games and publishers Assemble Entertainment.

Time To Get Schooled

This new update brings in a full-fledged education system that means higher education is literally within grasp for all of your citizens. The update also adds a realism element in the fact that your citizens will now age. This means not only means the game will now have births of new citizens, but unfortunately, your citizens will die of old age.

Sphere - Flying Cities
The graphics are beautiful!

You will also be able to build a new “Day Care Center” for those busy new parents to drop their children off whilst they work. Not only does Sphere – Flying Cities have the above updates but the developers have reworked the energy management system.

There are also many more new buildings for you to build to help your city thrive and survive. It sounds like this game is certainly having a good one on the early access journey to full release.

You can watch the trailer below. If you want to find out more about this game you can check out the official site. You can also check out our previous news.

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