Steelrising Cagliostro’s Secrets DLC Out Now!

Steelrising is the angel of death that just keeps on bringing new content. There is now a new large DLC available for the game which is titled Cagliostro’s Secrets. This is not a free DLC but will cost players between £12 to £14 depending on which platform they purchase it on.

The “Cagliostro’s Secrets” DLC is now available on PC, PlayStation®5, and Xbox Series X|S as well as on GeForce Now.

The Angel of Death Continues

In Steelrising, players take control of a mechanical masterpiece named Aegis. It’s down to Aegis to save the French Revolution in this challenging action RPG from Spiders Games (Greedfall). The game is set in an alternative Paris in 1789.

It must be noted that access to the expansion “Cagliostro’s Secrets” is restricted until you have progressed past the Bastille level. Once past this level, you will gain access to the DLC.

This new quest will find you embroiled in a gripping story that involves the King’s agent, the Comte de Cagliostro. Explore Hôpital Saint Louis and discover the secrets that have been hidden by Louis XVI. Be warned, you will not return unscathed.

The DLC will see you encounter new enemies and variants of familiar enemies. You’ll also unlock new weapons and costumes for Aegis in the battle for the French Revolution.

Key Features of the DLC:

  • 1 level (Hôpital Saint Louis)
  • 1 “main” quest
  • 5 weapons
  • 1 boss
  • Several new enemies and new variations of existing enemies
  • 2 new characters
  • New side quests that will invite you to revisit certain levels

You can watch the trailer below or visit the official Steelrising site. You can also check out our previous news.

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