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Submerged: Hidden Depths Announced!

Uppercut Games are pleased to announce Submerged: Hidden Depths, this is the sequel to smash hit game Submerged which was released in 2015 on a number of platforms. You can look forward to this game releasing on PC, Xbox (Xbox One, Series X|S), and PlayStation (PS4, PS5) families of consoles. At present, there is no release date for the game.

So what is this game? Uppercut Games are labeling it as a “relaxporation” adventure game. So basically, it’s an exploration game with no combat where the player sees through the adventure of Miku and Taku. Use your tools to solve puzzles and take in the wonders in the sequel to Submerged. Check out some screenshots below.

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SubHD Vista17

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“After creating such a rich and vibrant world in Submerged, we knew we had to return and expand on that sense of sublimity.” commented Ed Orman, Co-founder of Uppercut Games “Submerged: Hidden Depths, while also being a puzzle, combat-free adventure game, is fundamentally about that signature relaxing experience, and the wonder and delight of exploring a stunning world at your own pace. It’s a title close to our hearts and we look forward to sharing the beauty afresh.”.

Key Features

– Vast Outdoor Environments: Explore a rich, colourful and vibrant world.

– Relaxing Experience: Play at your own pace with the freedom to enjoy the beauty of Submerged: Hidden Depths.

– Discovery: Search for hidden objects to uncover the story, find upgrades for the boat and discover new creatures.

– Boating: Cruise through the striking city streets in the powered boat, spotting new areas for exploration.

– Puzzles: Climb, sail and use abandoned mechanisms to solve physics puzzles and reveal the city’s mystery.

– Expanded Player Tools: Fans of the prequel, Submerged, will enjoy further developed tools and puzzles as they progress through Submerged: Hidden Depths.

If you wish to, you can read more about this game at the official Submerged: Hidden Depths website. You can also check out more news from us.

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