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Super Catboy, Available Now!

Pspspspsps! Publisher Assemble Entertainment and Developer Pixelpogo are running around with the zoomies because they have just launched their fast-paced run-n-gun adventure platformer Super Catboy onto Steam and GOG. Join the titular hero Catboy and his sidekick Weapongirl as they battle through hordes of enemies in stunning 16-bit locations. Take down the evil Dr. Ungefug and finally get back to doing cat stuff.

Super Catboy is an exciting, 90s-inspired platformer that combines elements of run-n-gun and beat ’em up games. In his mission to eliminate Dr. Ungefug, Catboy must run, jump, dash and fight his way through the game’s diverse biomes, from snow-capped mountains to derelict factories. And clearly, someone left the catnip out because Catboy is going wild. Along the way, players must take down countless dastardly and despicable doggos equipped with powerful weapons. So this is why cats hate dogs. 

Players won’t only be testing their skills on foot as Super Catboy also features challenging motorbike and mine cart chases as well as bosses to master, all while uncovering the fun and action-packed story of these adorable characters. Put away your crinkly toys, cough up that hairball and get ready to scratch some eyes out!

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Super Catboy Features

  • Jump Into Nostalgia: Enjoy the 90s-inspired 16-bit graphics combined with catchy tunes that feel like you’ve jumped right into the past!
  • Run Kitty Run: Equipped with the latest dashing sneaker technology, Catboy must run, jump and dash his way through different brightly coloured levels, including snow-capped mountain ranges, mystical forests and derelict factories.
  • Take Down Doggos: Use Catboy’s plethora of purrfect powers and weapons to take down hordes of dastardly anthropomorphic dog soldiers.
  • Tell Me A Story: Super Catboy features a unique story to unlock as you progress through each level. Learn more about the game’s loveable characters and challenging bosses the more you play!

Super Catboy is available right now for PC and Mac via Steam and GOG.

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