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Tax-Force: Hunt Down Tax-Evading Mutant Billionaires in London!

Outsider Games, an indie developer from Northern Ireland, is excited to announce their attendance at W.A.S.D x IGN Live this week. They will be showcasing a playable version of Tax-Force, a narrative action rogue-lite game inspired by comic books. Tax-Force will be available on PC through Steam and can be added to your Wishlist now.

Outsider Games will showcase their thrilling narrative action rogue-lite game, Tax-Force, at Truman Brewery in London from the 14th to the 16th of September. The playable version of the game offers players the chance to assess morality-based policies and economic strategies. This comes after a successful showing at the India Arena Booth during Gamescom.

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The Galaxy is facing a severe financial crisis, and to save it from bankruptcy and prevent the closure of Farset13’s Solar Shield, you have been asked to lead Tax-Force. This department consists of heavily armed Treasurers with emergency powers to track down billionaire mutant tax evaders.

You have just seven days to fight your way through their defences, negotiate repayments and clear the debt directly. Or you can reinvest in your city to grow the economy before the planet burns to a crisp. Up yo you.

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Features of Tax-Force

  • Melee Combat – a focus on tough, close-range combat with hand-drawn, rogue-lite biomes that remix with every run.
  • Mutant Powers – Specials inspired by superhero mutant powers. Astral Projection! Metal Man! Optical Blasts!
  • Strategy and Morality – Negotiate with targets to affect the economy, narrative and gameplay on each run. Every decision challenges players to choose between sci-fi metaphors for socialist vs capitalist economic policies.
  • Rebuild – As you reinvest in society, the gameplay reacts. Price and potency of healing respond to public or private investment in healthcare. Weapons and criminal activity adjust as you increase defence spending. New bridges and paths appear as you invest in infrastructure.
  • Branching Narrative – Every decision leads to narrative consequences for the Farset13 citizens. Your choices guide their stories, and the city organically grows and changes around them.
  • Timeloop – Death activates your time-travelling mutant power, sending you back to Day 1, armed with knowledge of your enemies and the consequences of your actions.
  • Stunning Visuals – Gorgeous, hand-drawn comic book art style inspired by Jim Lee and 90’s X-men comics.

Tax-Force will be coming to PC via Steam and is available to Wishlist now.

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