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TerraScape: New Update Brings Special Cards, Science Deck, and Christmas Cheer

Bitfall Studios, an independent German developer, has partnered with publisher Toplitz Productions to announce the latest update for their cosy sandbox city puzzler game, TerraScape. The update is called “The Growth Update” and comes with exciting new content, such as special cards that can be obtained through the new “Special Card Draw” feature.

Additionally, players will have access to a new Science deck, which includes new buildings such as Alchemy Lab, Hospital, Academy, and Inventor, as well as the new Merged Buildings Citadel of Wisdom, Iron Mining Camp, and a new variation of the Longhouse.

Growth3 terrascape

Other notable additions to the update include Weekly Challenges to keep players on their toes. And an exciting new predator feature in the form of wolves. Bitfall Studios has also improved the game’s performance with very strong optimization of the in-game UI for a smoother experience.

Gameplay features also get a nice tactical tweak, players can now use the new mapping feature to show or discuss a specific position on the map or point out something in multiplayer games, and the new ‘Blueprints’ option allows better planning and marking of interesting positions.

TerraScape The Growth Update

The Growth Update follows the recent Halloween Update which added a creative mode and recycled card feature. Previous updates including the Summer and Meta updates also added considerable content for players to enjoy, including new puzzles, leaderboards, new merged buildings, new card decks and special cards.

Growth4 terrascape

With Christmas only weeks away, Bitfall Studios has also included some seasonal content to coincide with the Growth Update for players to enjoy. A sprinkling of festive cheer will be present through December in the form of colourful garland lights on various buildings, Christmas trees and perhaps even jolly ol’ Santa’s sleigh.

For a closer look at all the content in the Growth Update, head over to TerraScape’s news page on the game’s Official Steam page.

You can also check out our TerraScape review, where we gave it a 10/10!

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