The Ascent

The Ascent Available Today On PlayStation

Great news for fans of sci-fi and cyberpunk-style games! The Ascent is available today on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. Both the publisher Curve Games, and the developers Neon Giant are pleased to announce the new platform availability of their hit game that was previously only available on the Xbox family of consoles, and PC.

The Ascent

We received the following information via a press release about this new launch of The Ascent on PlayStation.

The rich and vibrant world on the planet Veles has been enhanced even more. This is with thanks to the power of PlayStation and the DualSense Controller.

  • Haptic Feedback – Haptic Feedback enhances each interaction and battle in The Ascent. Every type of movement characters make will provide a different sensation, whether it’s shooting, dodging, sneaking. Weapons are dynamic and each gun will feel unique in players’ hands, whether it’s shotguns, energy rifles, blade guns or the mighty rocket launchers.

  • DualSense Controller Speaker – Players can now experience another level of sound within the game via the DualSense Controller Speaker. The sound of health packs and enemy alerts dropping in the heart of the action and advertisements playing as you roam the neon lined streets in the vast Arcology up close out of the controller speaker.

  • Power of PlayStation 5 – The PlayStation 5 hardware means The Ascent will be hitting 4K 60 FPS, so players can experience the beautiful world of Veles in high definition.

The Ascent

Both versions of the game will include all the amazing additions the developers have added to The Ascent since the July launch on PC and Xbox platforms, including:

  • Photo Mode

  • New Game+

  • Transmogrification

  • Free DLC packs with their unique new weapons, skins, and cosmetics.

The Ascent

Have you played The Ascent on any of the other platforms it was available on? let us know in the comments. You can also check out our previous news.

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