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The Bloodline, A Low Poly Free-Form Sandbox RPG Coming Soon

HOOK, an indie publishing label, has partnered with Shieldbearer Studios to release The Bloodline on Steam Early Access.

The Bloodline is a Freeform Sandbox RPG where players become divine protectors of the fantasy land of Eudros. However, it’s up to the players to decide if they want to fulfil this fate or not, as their journey is not predetermined but rather determined by their actions.

A true Sandbox RPG, The Bloodline opens up the world to its players. You are invited to experiment with the game mechanics, setting, and characters to create your own unique experience.

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The Bloodline harkens back to the glory days of the bedroom developer.

This game is a fantastic example of what a single person can accomplish with a clear vision and the right skills. The most important aspect this game wants to convey is the sense of enjoyment it provides. You can create potions from ingredients found in the wild, or transform into a bear and toss goblins around like ragdolls. Alternatively, you can choose to live on a farm and tend to the animals. The possibilities are endless, and the world is your playground.

Shieldbearer Studios’ founder and sole developer, Miles Whittaker, created The Bloodline as a deeply personal project.

“Like all indie developers, I have a true, deep passion for gaming. Specifically, RPGs! Ever since I was little, I’ve had an obsession with anything fantasy. Lord of the Rings and the Elder Scrolls were my primary focus. I’d spend countless hours playing Morrowind, crafting spells and potions that would practically break the game.

I’ve craved a game that would scratch that itch for years now, and I haven’t been able to find one that truly felt like a freeform sandbox RPG, so I set out to make one on my own! For the past 3 years, I’ve been hard at work making my first ever game – The Bloodline!

After a year or so of development, the game gained a large following and encouraged me to release a demo, which reached thousands of players and garnered a ton of feedback, encouraging me to push the game further and further! I formed my own solo-dev studio, Shieldbearer Studios, and kept working hard on the game, until the game was spotted by 505 Games – specifically, some dudes from HOOK! They loved the look of the game, and recognized the potential the game has. Long story short, we’re now working together and Steam Early Access is just around the corner!

My goal is to shape The Bloodline into a true sandbox roleplaying experience. The feeling of freedom I felt from games like Morrowind is something I’ve tried so hard to emulate in The Bloodline. Your character should play *exactly* how you want to play. I find that most RPG’s nowadays pull away from true role playing elements.”

Mark your calendars for October 5th, 2023, as that’s the day when The Bloodline’s Early Access will be available to the public.

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The Bloodline Features

A world of diverse biomes filled with impressive landmarks awaits exploration, including blooming towns, magnificent castles, mysterious lakes, and dangerous dungeons.

Explore the world of Eudros by following questlines and assisting its people. Alternatively, you can wander freely and create your own adventures. You can strengthen relationships between kingdoms, build your own village, and get ready for the arrival of The Unforgiven.

Explore your options and enjoy the freedom to join different guilds, hunt magical creatures, or showcase your musical talents at the local tavern. You can experience the world however you desire. Each action you take comes with a level, whether it’s jumping, climbing, running, ragdolling, wall-running, or swimming.

Craft gadgets and equipment, catch rare fish, cook exotic dishes, brew potions, and even transform into a beast. This world is your playground.

Use your foresight to plan adventures and avoid dangers like meteor storms, goblin attacks, and ghostly pirate ships.

Customize your character with over 500 unlockable skills and a variety of weapons and equipment. Your play style is entirely up to you.

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