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The Fate of Baldr Stunning Work in Progress Artwork

The Fate of Baldr is a game that combines tower defense, third-person shooter, and strategy elements. It is developed by Ananki Game Studio, a Norwegian indie studio that was founded in 2020. The game is inspired by Norse mythology and sci-fi, and features space-traveling Vikings who explore nine Nordic worlds on a quest to save the God Baldr and stop Ragnarok. The game is not yet available on Steam, but you can add it to your wishlist and get notified when it becomes available – if the below artwork is anything to go, you definitely should wishlist this!

A group of Viking warriors dock their spaceship on an alien world but are soon attacked by hostile inhabitants. They courageously fight off their attackers, using their advanced firearms and defensive towers. As the battle hardens, the Vikings know that the fate of the entire universe hangs in the balance.

The Fate of Baldr allows you to play solo or with up to three friends in online co-op mode. You can choose from four different classes: Warrior, Hunter, Engineer, and Mage. Each class has its own skills, weapons, and towers. You have to defend your ship from waves of enemies and bosses while gathering resources to upgrade your ship, towers, and equipment.

The game also has a story mode that follows the Viking saga of Baldr’s fate.

Work in Progress Artwork

The Fate of Baldr Alvheim 1
Alvheim: A mesmerizing yet perilous jungle planet. Explore its enchanting beauty. But beware the hidden dangers. Don’t be lured by the alluring scents of its flowers.”
The Fate of Baldr Svartalvheim 1
Svartalvheim: Once the proud home of dark elves. Now a barren wasteland of sharp rocks and toxic pits. A tormented demigod toils below, crafting cruel weaponry.”
Vanaheim 1
Vanaheim: Deep in its mystical forest, a shaman goddess performs ancient rituals. Be cautious of the sentient trees!”
The Fate of Baldr Enemy 1
Thurs: Fierce creatures dwelling beneath the surface of Midgardmun, fiercely protecting their lunar realm. Not the brightest, but their loyalty is unwavering.”
The Fate of Baldr Enemy 2
Draugr: Undead Viking warriors, resurrected by the ruthless goddess of death, Hel. Relentless and unyielding, they fight to the bitter end.”
The Fate of Baldr Enemy 3
Sunstone Guardian: A one-eyed troll slumbers beneath the surface of Midgard’s moon. It guards the ancient Sunstone with his life. Dare to challenge him, and he’ll crush you without hesitation.”

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