The Signal

The Signal – An Open World Survival Game Revealed!

Canadian game development studio, Goose Byte, are pleased to reveal their debut game, The Signal. It is currently in development for PC and console. The Signal is an open world survival game where up to 16 players can explore, create, and survive in their new home.

Open World Survival… I’m In.

Nearly two years ago, Goose Bye appeared on the scene. Goose Byte are pitching it as a third-person open world survival and crafting game. The key focus of the game is player creativity over violence. The game is being developed in Unreal Engine 5 and is built upon three key pillars. These are exploration, invention, and of course, survival. The Signal will have a major focus on user crafted content and will have a recipe sharing system for players to share their creations with ease.

“We’re really excited about the world we’re building for The Signal,” says Theodor Diea, CEO and founder of Goose Byte. “We want to take players on a journey: as you step out onto this uncharted planet you are faced immediately with an environment that is as mysterious as it is beautiful. This planet is teeming with unknown flora and fauna across multiple, massive biomes. But not everything is as it seems. The planet is fully aware of your actions and, the longer you spend exploring, the more it starts interacting and messing with you.”

Key Features:
  • Venture onto an alien planet featuring multiple biomes littered with strange structures and a sentient ecosystem that seems to react to your every move.

  • Explore, create, and survive as you choose to tame or coexist with your new home.

  • Scan the rocks, flora, fauna, and alien landmarks as you come to grips with this strange new world.

  • Invent and share infrastructure, vehicles and equipment that help you and your expedition solve challenges and puzzles.

  • Master the art of sustainable stewardship of the Planet and its resources as you play the long game.

  • Play alone or with up to 16 players on player-hosted dedicated servers on this unique expedition through a one-of-a-kind planet.

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news.

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