Trove Sunrise

Trove Sunrise Update Launches Soon

Great news for fans of Trove. The Trove Sunrise update launches on June 28th. The popular voxel-based MMO game from gamigo will launch a huge free update later this month. This brings a new class, a new biome, and much more.

Say “Good Morning” to the Solarion

The Trove Sunrise update will bring in the Sundered Uplands biome, which brings in many new features of its own. That’s not all, there is a new class in the game named the Solarion. The Solarion works as a servant to the Sun Godess. Solarions are best using their combination of a pet phoenix and a bow as well as using their new abilities including the Solar Flare.

  • Don’t Look Down: The Cloud Layer is filled with rich resources the Irradiant Sky Giants have stolen from below, which Trovians will want to mine. The Ashen Wastes, on the other hand, are not as pleasant seeing how the fallout of the group’s reckless deeds festers and grows in strength down there.

  • Clipped Wings: Don’t expect to fly around as you please as the Sundered Uplands is covered in a Flight Suppression Field to deliver a permanent NO FLY ZONE. Although, there’s a rumor that Fungi Scrollpeddler may have something to help free Trovians from this debuff. You did not hear that from us, though!

  • Dangerous Dungeons: Dungeons will appear in both the top and bottom layers of Sundered Uplands. Special 5-star dungeons will spawn to offer more of a challenge. Trovians will face off against one of the new Ultimate Bosses in addition to other new enemies.

You can watch the trailer below or check out more on the official Trove website. You can also check out our previous news.

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