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Unravel Digital Mysteries in Cyber Manhunt 2: New World

Spiral Up Games is excited to announce that their latest title, the hacking adventure Cyber Manhunt 2: New World, will be released on Steam Early Access on May 10. The game has been developed by the talented team at Aluba Studios and features a sprawling narrative that spans 4 chapters and 18 unique characters. With over 8 hours of immersive gameplay, Cyber Manhunt 2: New World offers intricate puzzles and engrossing social engineering challenges that will keep players engaged throughout the entire gameplay experience.

In Cyber Manhunt 2: New World, players step into the role of an AI detective plunged into a realm filled with digital mysteries and hidden truths. Employ real-world social engineering techniques and AI-powered investigation tools to crack intriguing puzzles and uncover a thrilling interconnected storyline. Each revelation not only provides startling insights. It also weaves into a larger, meticulously crafted conspiracy that resonates with digital challenges.

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Key Features

Intricate Puzzle Investigations. Step into the digital realm as an AI sleuth and explore a series of deep mysteries, each drawn from real incidents. Enjoy the excitement of untangling complex puzzles that demand sharp intellect and tactical foresight.

Become A Master Detective. Start with basic skills such as password breaking and deceptive phishing. Then advance to more complex methods like voice alteration and server infiltration. Engage with realistic hacking tactics that deepen as you navigate through the intricate narratives.

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Captivating, Interconnected Storyline. Immerse yourself in a story inspired by actual events, where each chapter intricately ties into a larger, complex plot. Feel the depth of each character’s emotions and psyche as you navigate through a tangled conspiracy.

A Diversity of Characters. Interact with a wide range of unique characters, each reflecting distinct societal roles, drives, and backgrounds. In this era dominated by advanced AI, peel back the layers of their hidden lives. Uncover the deep and multifaceted aspects of their digital presence, where not everything is as it seems.

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