Weird West

Weird West Event Now Live

Weird West has its first live event taking place as I type this. But what is happening? Apparently, over 400,000 players have roamed through the land of Weird West since it launched on March 31st. That’s quite an impressive number considering that’s only two weeks ago.

Zombies Invade Weird West!

Anyway, it’s been reported across the Weird West that a massive plague of the undead is rising from their graves. Zombies are here! Even worse than that, there is a terrible sickness that appears to follow in their wake.

This marks the first of a series of live events that Wolfeye Studios has planned. In turn, this will lead to new story events, expansions, journeys, and new encounters. This has me rather intrigued so I may have to check this game out as I see it’s currently on Xbox Game Pass.

As well as the above, Wolfeye Studios has shared its plans via an upcoming content roadmap. The following trailer will enlighten you a bit more about the plague event.

Weird West
The roadmap.

The plague marks the first in a series of planned live events for the game that will soon grow to include new story events, encounters, expansions, and Journeys. WolfEye Studios has shared its upcoming content roadmap, highlighting free updates already in the works, as seen above.

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news.

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