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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Update #9

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic has a new update for players to embrace. The Soviet-themed real-time city-builder has had content update #9 released, titled “Crime and Justice”. In this game you transform your poor country into a rich, thriving place for all to want to be a part of.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic has been on the Steam early access program for nearly 3 years, launching during March 2019. It has received some rather large updates in that time it seems one of which you can see in the content update notes below.



Key features of content update #9

  • Three new buildings are available – Police Station, Regional Court, and Prison.
  • Criminality added to citizen behaviour adding a new layer of complexity and challenges for players to manage.
  • Criminality feature difficulty levels can be managed or even switched off by the player.
  • Additional duty vehicles such as police cars are now available.
  • A long-awaited railway distribution office has been added.
  • Many other gameplay and mechanics improvements.

This is a new game on my radar but I love city-builders and I am also a real-time strategy game fan. So Workers & Resources is now most definitely hot on my radar. If you want to check out more on this game, you can visit the official Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic website. You can also check out our previous news if you wish to.

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