Anker 565 USB C Hub

Anker 565 USB C Review

Welcome to my review of the Anker 565 USB C Hub. Anker is known for making great products for a lower price than the more known competitors. They have also made a ton of different options when it comes to their USB hubs. Anker kindly sent over the 565 USB C Hub for me to review.

One Hub To Rule Them All?

With a whole eleven ports in one device, it has a lot to offer. How does the Anker 565 USB C Hub perform? Scroll on down to find out! You can also check out our previous hardware reviews.

The Hardware

As mentioned the Anker 565 is a USB C hub that will give you a total of eleven ports through the one USB C port on your laptop, tablet, phone, Steam Deck, and more.

In the box we have the hub, a travel bag, a welcome guide, an 18-month warranty booklet, and some information on how to contact customer services should you need to.

Anker 565
I love a good travel pouch.

The Anker 565 has enough ports to suit most people’s requirements. We have:

  • 1 Gbps Ethernet Port
  • 1x HDMI capable of up to 4K@60Hz
  • 1x DisplayPort also capable of up to 4K@60Hz
  • USB C 3.2 with up to 10 Gbps speed
  • USB A 3.2 with up to 10 Gbps speed
  • 2 USB A 2.0 – Up to 480 Mbps
  • A USB C Power Delivery Port capable of up to 85 W pass-through charging.
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Full-size SD card slot (UHS-I)

That’s quite a lot to take in. But at the price Anker sells this for (~£90 at the time of writing), it’s a lot of functionality for your one USB C port. I tested this with a few devices including my Razer Blade 14, Steam Deck, and Samsung Tab S7+. More about that is below.

The 565 sure does give you plenty of variety of ports as long as the device you plug it into supports them. For example, you cannot use this with a Nintendo Switch to try and replace your dock. Well, that’s what the Anker site says anyway. I don’t actually have a Nintendo Switch to test it with.

Design and Functionality

The device looks very nice to be fair. It most definitely has a solid build to it thanks to aluminium. The cable from the hub that goes into your device also has a nice braiding on it and structurally feels very strong.

As mentioned above, I tested the Anker 565 on a Razer Blade 14, a Valve Steam Deck, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+.

Anker 565
Ports aplenty!

All of these seemed to support all of the features this hub offers us. The only exception was that the Razer Blade I have isn’t set up for charging via USB C but I believe it can be charged via a USB C port.

The most impressive use of the Anker 565 was with my little Steam Deck. It’ll help you turn your little screen into a massive 43″ 4K desktop computer, if you have a similar setup to me that is.

One must note that one did not and will not attempt to play games at 4K on the Steam Deck, but desktop wise it ran very well. It recognised a MicroSD card straight away and all my devices worked perfectly. It even outputted to the two screens I have connected to the USB C hub.

Connection on Android was also possible thanks to Samsung and their “Dex” software. Connection to a 4K screen with a tablet over USB C was something I’d never thought would be so easy.

The Anker 565 now lives under my laptop tray on the desktop-mounted arm I have. It’s absolutely perfect and helps massively for those who have cable OCD as I do! My desk looks super clean (cable-wise!) and there’s far less to unplug from my Razer Blade laptop when I am on the go.

Connection and Software

This section will be pretty short, as the connection is literally a requirement of one USB C port on your device. There are some other requirements though and that depends if your device supports DisplayPort 1.2 or DisplayPort 1.4 over USB C.

Anker 565
More ports!

If it supports the former, you’ll only get 4K@30Hz on both video connection ports. If the latter, it’ll do the aforementioned 4K@60Hz on both HDMI and DisplayPort connections.

Software-wise, there is no additional software or drivers required to get the hub up and running. It’s a beautiful moment when you realise something is plug and play. I remember the days when it was a struggle just to get audio on a DOS game!


I personally feel that the price Anker is asking for the 565 USB C Hub is most definitely a fair price. It has a solid build quality, very reliable performance, and works on many different devices. At under £100 I think you’d struggle to get such a high-quality build and performance.

Sure, I guarantee there are other brands that sell similar for cheaper, but they most definitely are not as reliable. I’ve used a few cheaper options and they all have failed me sooner rather than later. The Anker 565 shows zero signs of failing any time soon. If you would like to read more or even purchase one of these, you can visit the official Anker site for the 565 USB C Hub.

For these reasons, I score the Anker 565 USB C Hub a top score of 10/10.

A sample was kindly provided for us to review this product.

We Score This Game

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