Be Quiet! Pure Base 500DX

Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 DX Review

Welcome to my review of one of the nicest PC cases I have ever built with, the Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 DX. This case feels like the best of everything, yet it sits under the £100 price point. It was originally launched in 2020, so in terms of PC hardware, that’s pretty old. However, it feels like a very premium product made for very modern hardware!

Great Quality for Less!

Let’s get stuck into why I think this is probably the best PC case I have ever used.

The Hardware

The Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 DX has a solid feel to it, as mentioned it’s under £100 but it feels like it should cost way more. For example, you have a choice of two colours here. Black, and white. I was offered a white version for review which I was pleased with as I much prefer that option.

There are many brilliant features about this case that help builders in more ways than they could dream of. For example, it has a USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 connection on the front panel. It also supports up to six case fans in total, which provides FANtastic cooling options… Sorry. It also has a lot of room to work in and to keep airflow at a maximum.

Be Quiet! Pure Base 500DX

Whilst I am talking of cooling, the case also comes with three of the Be Quiet! Pure Wings 2 140mm fans pre-installed, making this an even better deal.

In addition to six fans, this case also supports up to 360mm radiators with a range of options as below:

  • Top can support a 120mm or 240mm radiator
  • Rear supports a 120 or 140mm radiator.
  • Front supports a lot of choices. 120mm, 140mm, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm.

I believe that means it would make this case a very good option for those who want to build their own custom water-cooled loop. Personally I just have fans and a 240mm AIO setup for my CPU.

One thing I have noticed since owning this case is that my PC is quieter, and it is definitely cooler. I previously had a smaller case, not something like an SFX/ITX case, it supported ATX but was a bit of a tight squeeze. Therefore, it impacted airflow quite a bit. That is not a worry here with the Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 DX. There is so much room to work with in this case, yet it’s not even that big of a case.

It measures in at 463mm tall with the feet attached, 232mm wide, and 450mm deep. So it’s not big at all really. It supports up to an ATX motherboard but is compatible with M-ATX, and M-ITX too. Not sure if an E-ATX would fit or not, but you may be able to squeeze one in.

More Features

Inside the rear side panel, there is some padding which helps with keeping noise levels lower. There is also an SSD tray that slides out but also helps hide your cables, to me, this is a great idea. I hate cables with a passion. Just in front of the front bottom fan is an HDD cage which has two positions you can mount it to, or remove it completely if you wish to do so.

Another particular part I like is the PSU installation shroud. This makes it so much easier to get the power supply installed into the PC as you can plug in all of your modular cables and then slide it into the case. After that, you simply screw in the provided thumb screws and that’s it.

Literally, I can’t keep saying this enough, this case is so good. It was so easy to install all of my PC parts. Nothing felt like a chore and the premium feel kept me wanting to do my best with things like cable management.

As you can see with my PC below, I have lots of room. I am running an RTX 4070 Super FE and an i7-14700K with no issues at all.

Be Quiet! Pure Base 500DX

Key Features

  • High airflow intake front panel and top cover for maximum performance
  • 3 Pure Wings 2 140mm fans guarantee high cooling performance and silent operation
  • ARGB LED at the front and inside the case
  • USB 3.2 Gen. 2 Type C for latest hardware
  • Water cooling ready for radiators of up to 360mm
  • Up to 2 SSDs can be installed prominently behind the window panel
  • Generous space for high-end graphics cards and large coolers
  • Side panel made of tempered glass
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty


Overall, I feel that the Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 DX Case has been kept under the radar. Of course, this is not on purpose… It’s just been overshadowed by more popular cases from what I’ve seen.

I score the Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 DX PC Case a 10/10!

For more information about this case or to learn where to purchase, you can visit the official page or watch the official product presentation video below.

A sample was kindly provided for us to review this product.

We Score This Game

rating score: 10

Absolutely Fantastic!

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