Edifier G2 II

Edifier G2 II Wired Headset Review

Welcome to my review of the Edifier G2 II USB wired gaming headset. This headset supports 7.1 and comes with its own built-in USB DAC. But can that give us enough power to make this a worthy purchase?

Block Out The World With The Edifier G2 II

The Edifier G2 II is out now and can be purchased for as low as £30 if you’re lucky. Continue reading to find out if they’re worth a purchase. You can also read our previous hardware reviews.

The Hardware

Upon opening the box, you’re greeted with a well-packaged headset from Edifier. My initial thoughts were the build quality actually felt quite good considering the low price, this was not expected at all. It’s made of plastic so does feel a bit flexible or that you may break it if you’re not too careful. That can not be avoided though if you ask me. If you want metal, the price will be a lot higher.

Edifier G2 II

Of course, as this is a wired headset, we have a wired constantly attached. The USB connection only requires USB 2.0 which is pretty good especially if you’re lacking spare USB 3.0 ports.

The headset itself has a good length rubber feel cable so you won’t find yourself tugging at the USB port on your PC whilst gaming. The cable also has an in-line controller which allows you to control the volume, mute/unmute the microphone, and turn the RGB lighting on or off.

Edifier G2 II

The microphone is also detachable should you not wish to use it. I like when this is an option as it’s not that often I use microphones anymore.

Some key features of the Edifier G2 II USB gaming headset:

  • 7.1 surround sound: 360° surround sound effect
  • RGB light effects: varied colors
  • 50mm NdFeB unit for clear sound
  • High-performance microphone
  • Impedance – 32Ω
  • Frequency Response – 20Hz-20KHz
  • 98dB sensitivity

Design and Functionality

I quite like the design of the headset with the soft leatherette earmuffs. These are also removable so can be cleaned or replaced if required. The headset comes in three colour choices, black, white, and pink. The pink option also comes with some funky cat ears.

As mentioned above there is RGB present here. On the side of the ear cups, you’ll see a large H that lights up, with a sectioned ring around it. The H stands for Hecate which is the name of Edifiers gaming brand.

Edifier G2 II

The sound quality of the Edifier G2 II is actually very acceptable for the price range. I found that I could hear opponents rather well in matches on Fortnite. The microphone also presents a clear voice that your teammates will clearly hear when you’re shouting for help or sending recon info to those teammates.

I found the headset stayed comfortable even after hours of use. This is a huge pro in my opinion. I did not feel my ears getting hot or uncomfortable at all.

Connection and Software

This headset is literally a plug and play device, pop it in a spare USB 2.0 or higher port and away you go. I did not experience any issues with connectivity or my devices recognising the headset.


The Edifier G2 II is a very comfortable headset that gives a great bang for your buck. Yes, there are better headsets on the market. But can they be bought for the low price of the Edifier G2 II? No, they cannot. You are getting a lot here and you definitely won’t go wrong with them.

I give the Edifier G2 II USB wired gaming headset a score of 8/10.

A sample was kindly provided for us to review this product.

We Score This Game

rating score: 8

Very Good!

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