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Edifier X6 Review

Welcome to my review of the Edifier X6 Bluetooth earbuds. These are a follow-on from the Edifier X5 earbuds. They’re being called “Edifier’s AirPods” but is that true? Continue reading to find out more.

Cheap, But Cheerful

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The Hardware

In the box, we have the Edifier X6 charging case that houses the earbuds, a quick start guide, and a USB C charging cable.

Edifier X6

There are two colours to choose from, black and white. For the purpose of this review, I have a black pair. The case and earbuds are made of glossy plastic, but they don’t feel terrible, nor do they feel cheap.

Design and Functionality

The design of the Edifier X6 is similar to the Apple AirPods, but that’s not a bad thing. They’re not identical and the charging case itself that houses the earbuds looks different. At the same time, I do believe in the old saying “do not reinvent the wheel”, why bother doing some crazy and wacky style of earbuds if a rather basic design works?

They fit nicely in my ears however my wife tried them out and she found them to not stay in place and fell out of her ears quite easily. For myself, they stayed in place quite well but if I bobbed my head around as if I were jogging (yeah right!) they eventually fell out, but not straight away.

Edifier X6

The X6 earbuds have quite a slew of specs considering they’re rather cheap. You may look at the price and think “no thank you”. But please, give them a try. The earbuds themselves have 5 hours of battery life and the charging case can give you an additional 19 hours of listening time. The charging case supports fast charging and takes around an hour to fully charge. Not bad.

I found the Edifier X6 sound to be a little dull at times. The bass felt a little empty and the treble sounded a little off. But I think that’s due to the price point. However, they do not sound terrible. I have most definitely heard a worse sound from more expensive earbuds. And as they’re being compared to Apple’s AirPods, I personally think these sound a little better.

Key Features from the Edifier site:

  • Qualcomm 3020 Chipset with aptX Codec

  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection

  • Dual Mic CVC for clear calls and voices

  • 5Hrs (earbuds) + 19Hrs (charging case)

  • IP54 water and dust resistance

Connection and Software

Make sure they’re charged, whip open the case and press the pairing button. That’s it, right? No. Unfortunately, I found these rather troublesome to initially connect to my phone. They present themselves as individual earbuds to start with. Once paired to your device you can use one or the other or both earbuds.

But it’s getting to that point that I found quite annoying. Sometimes I’d have to repair and connect to the “X6 L” earbud. Other times, I had to remove and then connect to “X6 R”.

Software-wise, there is no compatible Edifier app with the Edifier X6 earbuds. You literally connect them up (eventually) and listen to your music.


These did give me some issues with connectivity at times but once connected, they were good. Especially at the price point, you would pay for them. You’re looking at anywhere up to £30 for them, but they can be as low as £16. For the price, I am not going to complain a lot. The features you get with the Edifier X6 for less than £30 is pretty surprising really. A good amount of battery life, a relatively decent mic setup, aptX codec, and IP54. Not bad really.

Should you wish to read more about these you can view them on the Edifier website now.

I give the Edifier X6 Bluetooth headphones a score of 6/10.

A sample was kindly provided for us to review this product.

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