Exogrip For PlayStation 5 DualSense Review

Welcome to my review of the Exogrip gaming controller grip for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. This is a patented product (patent applied for) which is available now for £24.99. What makes this so unique is it literally is built for your hands. You mould it to your actual grip and it then stays just as it did when you first mould it, fingerprints and all!

Heat. Grip. Game.

Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of additional grips on controllers as I have fairly normal sized hands (no offense intended to those with massive bucket hands), so controllers typically fit in my hands just fine.

Continue reading to find out more about the Exogrip! You can also read our other hardware reviews when you’re done here.

The Hardware

This is pretty obvious in a way… But in the box, we get the set of Exogrip grips for each side of our DualSense controller. We also have a quick start card that shows you how to mould the grips, as well as a pretty neat little skull sticker.

So, I keep saying “mould”. How do we mould this bit of kit? It’s actually really really simple, you pop the kettle on, wait for it to boil, fill a normal sized cup with boiling water, place one of the grips into the cup, wait for a short period of time, take it out and gently shake it dry, place it on the DualSense controller and mould it to your hand! – Sorry for all the commas!

Just be careful because naturally, this product will be hot. Once you’ve moulded it, you run it under a cold tap for the grip to cool down and that’s it. Jobs a good ‘un.


It really is that simple. Once you’ve moulded them, they stay put, they don’t remould themselves or lose shape at all. It’s a bloody fantastic product really.

Massive kudos to the company for this brilliant idea.


I’m not too keen on the colourway of the product, that boring grey with a smidge of bluey/green colour for the surround. Now I know the material used probably can’t be any other colour due to how it is, so I will just suck that one up and ignore it. It would be good if the surround was white or black to match the original DualSense controller. I get a bit picky with things like that, you may like it, I didn’t. I do understand it’s made to match the companies’ chosen colours so it makes sense.


As you can see above, after I moulded it, it looks very strange. But it’s cool. You can also snap off those rings at the bottom, they are there to assist you when first moulded it so you don’t have to dip your fingers in scolding hot water.


The Exogrip is an intriguing bit of kit, but I feel it would be for a specific audience, for example people with larger hands. Whilst it did add additional grip to my DualSense controller, I found that it felt a bit too bulky for my liking. But that’s just me! The product itself is very good and a very innovative idea that works so well.

If you are interested in purchasing your own, or want to learn more, you can visit the official site.

I score the Exogrip a 8/10.

A sample was kindly provided for us to review this product.

We Score This Game

rating score: 8

Very Good!

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