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GameSir G8 Galileo Type-C Wired Mobile Gaming Controller Review

The GameSir G8 Galileo is a brand-new mobile game controller that aims to provide a console-like gaming experience for both iOS and Android devices. With a large and ergonomic design, mechanical buttons, dual programmable back buttons, and swappable thumbstick, could this be GameSir’s best mobile controller to date? I’ve tested a few GameSir controllers, with the X2 Pro and T4 Mini among my favourites.

With Apple finally embracing the USB-C port, finding a mobile game controller just got a whole lot easier. And it’s not just easier for consumers. Companies like GameSir will no longer have to make controllers specifically for one device or the other. Or releasing two versions of the same controller. It’s a win-win for everyone, including us here at Controller Nerds, where I have an Android and Martin has an iPhone. We can now fight over controllers instead of being disappointed that a great-looking device isn’t compatible with one of our phones.

Controllers for phone gaming are a must, in my opinion. Touchscreen controls are okay for some, but I need to be able to feel the buttons. It elevates the gaming experience on a mobile, and it’s something I wish a lot more mobile games embraced. Phones are powerful enough now to play some pretty decent games. And controllers like the G8 Galileo is certainly a device that can elevate your gaming experience – especially if you use Xbox remote play.

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The Hardware

Fans of controllers know all about hall effect sensors. They’re just superior. They’re more durable and precise than traditional potentiometers. The GameSir G8 Galileo features precision-tuned Hall Effect thumbsticks. No drifting for you if you buy one of these! Instead, you get pinpoint accurate responses free of the fear that your character will start wandering off to the left on his own. Or in racing games that you’ll constantly be having to battle driving off the track. Instead, you receive a seamless gaming experience, similar to what you would expect from a professional console controller. Surprising, considering there’s no “Pro” tagged onto the name of the controller.

In addition to the standard buttons and triggers found on a mobile gaming controller. The Galileo also features two mappable L4 and R4 buttons located at the back of the device, which are conveniently positioned for your hands when holding the controller. If you’re a fan of games like Dead Cells then this is something that could be rather useful, as you can map them to any of the ABXY buttons. Then you can use them to make quicker attacks than moving your thumb around and then being annoyed because you thumbed the wrong button and died.

The game controller supports pass-through charging and 3.5mm audio and is compatible with almost all popular gaming platforms, including cloud gaming services. Additionally, it features a key combo function and a one-touch screenshot button, which is perfect for quickly snapping your favourite moments.

The GameSir G8 Galileo is easy to use and connect, with an adjustable Type-C connector that fits most phone cases. The controller is powered by your phone, but you use a USB-C cable to charge your phone through the controller.

gamesir g8 controller faceplate

GameSir App

If you’re planning on using the controller for proper mobile gaming, instead of just streaming, then you’ll want to install the GameSir app. The GameSir app allows you to customize and update the controller, as well as access key mapping and game recommendations. Key mapping can be super useful.

Although there is a wide variety of games available to play, some of them may not be compatible with GameSir controllers or any other type of controller. But with the help of GameSir app, you can effortlessly overcome this issue by creating customized mappings on the go. This feature allows you to adjust the controller settings according to your preference and enjoy the game without any limitations forced upon you. Happy days!

Getting started with the game is simple and hassle-free. All you have to do is launch the game via the official GameSir app, make a few quick customisations to suit your preferences, and you’re good to go. The ease of the entire process is surprisingly easy, which shows the effort that GameSir has put into designing it. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to figure it out.

The Design

How does it feel? Ah, the important question. If you have a controller, you want it to feel good. You don’t need hand cramps because it’s designed like a brick and you don’t know what to do with half your fingers. In terms of ergonomics, the GameSir G8 Galileo is intelligently designed and feels like a proper gaming controller. It’s chunky, but in a good way. It feels comfortable and having played an hour with Xbox remote gameplay. My hands felt no different to if I was using an Xbox controller. The rest of my body, however, felt wonderful as I was sat in bed instead of in a chair.

The G8 Galileo has a nice grip texture on the back, which is perfect for those sweat-inducing late-night gaming sessions. This isn’t slipping out of your hands easily. And the there’s some nice rubber edges where your phone sits to prevent any damage to your phone.

gamesir g8 controller

There’s enough room on the controller that I don’t need to remove my phone case, and it also doesn’t sit at an angle because of my case. It fits in perfectly, and my phone is on the larger end of the phone scale. There was even space left over for the camera bump. So if your phone has a larger than usual camera, you should be okay.


The GameSir G8 Galileo is a top-notch option for mobile gamers who want a comfortable and engaging gaming experience on their smartphones. It offers a wide range of features and high performance at a reasonable price of £79.99. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices and supports a vast number of games and genres.

It’s reliable and responsive, thanks to the hall effect sensors and magnetic faceplates. Hopefully, in the future, there’ll be faceplates for sale for proper customisation. The ability to do so is already built in. That there would elevate this controller even more. Grey is okay, but faceplates with cool designs will make the controller really stand out. It needs to happen.

The only real downside to this controller, though, is that it may take some time to configure the buttons for specific games. However, that’s a minor issue that does not affect the controller’s overall quality and enjoyment. You’ll have that with any mobile controller. Some mobile games are just not built with mobile gaming controllers in mind. However, if you’re going to use it for something like Xbox remote play, then there’s literally zero customisation needed. It just works seamlessly.

Overall, the GameSir G8 Galileo is an excellent mobile game controller that provides a console-like gaming experience. The controller is precisely designed and built and is supported by the GameSir app and game developers. It is an essential accessory for any mobile gamer who wants to take their mobile gaming experience to new heights.

Visit the GameSir Official Store to purchase the GameSir G8 Galileo yourself.

Key Features

  • Console Controller Grade: large controller design for enhanced gaming experience.
  • Supports both Apple and Android platforms (Type-C).
  • Mechanical cross-shaped buttons, conductive silicone ABXY keys.
  • Adjustable Type-C connector, compatible with phone cases.
  • Dual programmable back buttons.
  • Dual magnetic faceplates, replaceable thumbstick.
  • Hall Effect sensors for buttons and thumbsticks.

We Score This Game

rating score: 9


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