noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair – Spider-Man Edition Review

Welcome to my review of one of the best chairs you can sit your glutei maximi on. This is indeed a review of my noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair – Spider-Man Edition!

Honestly before I’ve even started, I’ve told you the outcome. That’s how good this chair is, I absolutely love it.

Your Butt Will Thank You!

Yes, it’s quite a pricey chair at £399.95, but trust me, it is more than worth it. Of course, as always, when you’re done here you can read our previous reviews.

The Hardware

There’s not really much to discuss here, you know it’s a chair, you know it’s amazing, you know it’s Spider-Man themed. It is very well packed in the box as you can see below. I must add, the box is pretty damn heavy too.

By heavy, it was to the point the DPD delivery driver rang me buzzer and made me carry it up to the second floor that I live on, by myself. No bother, it was worth it.


Straight off the point of opening the box we are presented with a huge Spider-Man logo and some beautiful text, supported by a MARVEL logo down the bottom.

I love the red and black colourway, it matches so well, and would look superb if you have the Spider-Man 2 DualSense or PS5 plates.

The chair is super easy to put together and all tools required are provided. I recommend you spray a little WD40 onto the bolts before you screw them in though, this helps reduce the chance of creaking/cracking sounds from the metal in the future. I am pretty certain this chair wouldn’t do it anyway, but it’s worth a go to help. This is just something I’ve done for years on chairs when building them and it does help. Just be careful not to spray too much as it can come back out of the threads and affect the leather.

Design and Functionality

Spider-Man, that is all.

Only joking, of course we have the absolutely beautiful Spider-Man theme going on here. But, the actual design of the chair is perfect, the lumber support is just right and not too soft or hard on the lower back, the butt support again is not too soft or too hard. The top of the arm rests also moves around, you can adjust the angle of the top to three different positions. This means they can point outward, straight, or inward. You can also slide the supports forwards and backwards depending on where you’d like them. Of course, they are also height adjustable.

I am going to apologise for the image below, you’re going to be scrolling for a month to get passed it but enjoy.

noblechair 2

The back of the chair can recline quite a way back, so if you have a nice footrest, you can take a bloody good nap. The chair does not come with any lumber or neck pillows, but you can buy Spider-Man themed ones from OCUK.

In my opinion you don’t need one for your lower back with this chair. However, I did keep the neck pillow from my previous chair as I find them super comfortable. But, even without it, the EPIC is super comfortable.


I do not regret investing £400 into this chair at all. The noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair is the best chair I have ever sat in when it comes to a chair for my desk. Of course, the added Spider-Man theme is incredible, and I absolutely love it.

You’ve probably already guessed this, but I score the noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair Spider-Man Edition a solid 10/10.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own, you can visit the Overclockers UK site.

We Score This Game

rating score: 10

Absolutely Fantastic!

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