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Review: SoundPEATS Space Headphones

I’ve reviewed a lot of SoundPEATS earbuds over the past year, and I got thinking it would be great to try out some headphones. Enter the SoundPEATS Space. Noise cancelling headphones from a company that has produced some absolutely quality earbuds all for a low, low price of £69.99 with a rather impressive 123 hours on a single charge? I couldn’t wait to try these out and so have spent about 2 weeks using these exclusively. If I know anything about SoundPEATS, it’s that the quality will far exceed the low price point. So let’s get into it.

Design & Comfort

The SoundPEATS Space comes in three colour options: ceramic white, creamy beige, and nebula black. Strangely, you can’t get the beige if you order from Amazon. So, if you like that colour, you can order direct from SoundPEATs (links will be at the end). For this review, I had the nebula black colour because I always prefer the look of black headphones. There is no carrying case included with the product, which would have been a nice addition. But at this price range, I’m not complaining!

Plastic is the primary material used in the construction of this product. It has a pleasant look and feel and keeps things lightweight. The surface is smooth and matte, with the signature SoundPEATS accents around it to add to the overall appeal. The headband is made of a combination of soft leather and woven fabric, which provides a comfortable fit on the head. Both ear cups are also covered in soft leather, and feature a handy L & R inside so that you know you have them on the right way.

soundpeats space inside

One thing I really appreciated is that the headband is slightly smaller than other headphones I have. Only slightly, but it makes quite a difference. One of my problems with these kinds of headphones has always been that I need to wear a hat. Otherwise, the slightest head movement causes the headphones to slide off my head. On the smallest they’ll go. The SoundPEATS Space just about rests on the top of my head and allows for full movement without needing to wear a hat. Delightful. Do I have a small head? Maybe. Not for me to judge. But if you have a slightly larger head, then like all headphones like these, the headband can adjust.


The main feature of these should be the battery life. At 123 hours on a single charge, it’s mighty impressive. With ANC on, it’s an estimated 61 hours, which is still pretty impressive.

Talking about Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling technology, it works quite well, but it’s not the best. Compared to my Sony headphones, there’s a clear winner, but they’re also a lot more expensive.

There multifunctional buttons that protrude from the headphones, which includes a button for ANC. There are no touch controls here; it’s actual buttons as it should be. The headphones support multiple inputs, such as double pressing the play/pause button to activate the digital assistant, holding down the low/high volume button to go back/skip a track, and holding down the ANC button to turn the headphones on/off or to put them in pairing mode.

soundpeads space buttons

They support Bluetooth 5.3 with SBC and AAC codecs, which ensures a reliable wireless connection.

The SoundPEATS Space is equipped with 40mm dynamic drivers offering an immersive sound and powerful bass.

There is also an audio jack port if you don’t fancy using wireless.

SoundPeats App

The app gives you the usual information such as battery level and being able to change the equaliser to whatever you want. There are a few presets, like Bass Boost, Treble Enhancement, one for Classical, etc. There’s also the now standard Game Mode, which, honestly, I’m yet to notice a difference with anything, whether it’s on or off. You can also do your firmware upgrades, which are always recommended. It’d be cool if it could tell which colour you had, too, instead of defaulting to white.

From the app, you can also turn on/off ANC if you don’t want to use the buttons on the headphones, and transparency mode. There’s also one in Chinese, which has the same icon as the transparency mode. Not entirely sure that’s meant to be there.

It’s a shame your options are still limited, though. You can’t customise the adaptive EQ, ANC, or Transparent mode. It’s not a big problem, though, as I’d not mess around with it anyway. But if you’re someone that does, then it’s something to take note of.

Calls, Outside and Sound Playback

The SoundPEATS Space headphones cater to a variety of auditory experiences. For calls, they are equipped with multiple microphones to ensure clarity, but some users may experience less-than-ideal call quality in noisy environments. When venturing outside, the headphones’ ANC feature reduces ambient noise, allowing for an immersive listening experience, although it may not be as robust as higher-end models. One big problem, which isn’t helped by living near the sea, is the wind. It takes over the microphones and even the ANC. With music, it’s bearable, but when listening to podcasts, it becomes a problem.

soundpeats space accents

It’s the same with calls. The microphone is great at picking up your voice, but it works a little too well as it picks up everything around you as well. And through a call, it just seems amplified. It’s great when it comes to transparency mode, as that’s just what you want, but for calls and ANC, it’s not so great.

As for sound playback, the headphones offer a rich and balanced audio profile with an emphasis on bass, making them suitable for a wide range of music genres.


The Soundpeats Space headphones have both good and bad points. While the sound quality is generally good with satisfying bass, there are problems with what the microphones pick up. Although the dynamic microphone array is excellent for picking up vocals and ambient sounds, the noise cancellation feature is not very effective.

They look fantastic, though, and that extensive battery life, which is the highest we’ve seen in the category, is super impressive. Are you looking for a good pair of headphones? If so, these headphones are great, especially if you’re concerned about playtime.

For indoors when I’m on my own, these are perfect. I’m not sure they’ll be my go-to headphones for outside, though. And that’s okay because I’ll never complain about having a good set of headphones for when I’m sitting at my desk gaming, coding or writing. So I rate the SoundPEATS Space a solid 7/10. They’re not perfect, but I’m not going to complain too much given their price point.

>>Buy Space Headphones here:

Or if you fancy the Creamy Beige, you can buy them direct from SoundPEATS here: Creamy Beige Space Over-Ear ANC Headphones

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