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Trust Gaming GXT 415P Zirox Review

Welcome to my review of the Trust Gaming GXT 415P Zirox gaming headset. This headset is very basic but offers an easy-to-use and budget-friendly headset. Perfect for those who just want to hear their games.

The Trust Gaming GXT 415P Zirox comes in four colour options, black, white, pink, and blue. For this review, I was sent a pair of the pink version. I will say that they’re very vibrant and you will definitely not lose them very easily!

The Hardware

In the box, we have the headset that is packed quite well. It’s wrapped in a protective bag for its travels before it lands on your desk.

The headset is made of plastic, but that’s expected when the price is under £20. Also, there is no lighting, no fancy features, or anything like that. There is simply a 2 metre 3.5mm headphone cable attached to the headset and a boom mic that can be folded up into the side of the left cup. The side of the cups has the GXTrust logo. Each cup has a soft leather effect cushion that will help keep you comfortable whilst gaming. I will add that this headset is pretty comfortable too.

Due to the 3.5mm connection, this headset is compatible with many different platforms. You can plug it into your Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, PC, Dual Shock 4, Dualsense, Xbox One, Xbox Series Controllers and more!

The headset has a volume rocker as well as a microphone mute switch which can easily be felt when wearing the headset. However, the volume of the headset does go fairly loud to help drown out background noise, but of course, there is no active noise cancellation on this headset. But, again I must add this headset is under £20!

And I must add that if you were to buy this headset please do not expect a huge amount out of it. You pay for what you get, and for the low price this headset costs I would recommend it to anyone who wants a basic headset or even one for their children to use whilst gaming on a console or watching videos etc on their tablets.


This is a very basic headset that offers some very basic sound. However, it costs less than £20 so I must use that in my scoring. The Trust Gaming GXT 415P Zirox was never intended to take down some of the higher-end hardware from say Astro, Logitech, or Razer. It is intended to provide a cost-friendly means of hearing your games and speaking to your pals.

IF you wish to learn more about the Trust Gaming GXT 415P Zirox you can visit the official website.

I score the Trust Gaming GXT 415P Zirox a 6/10.

A sample was kindly provided for us to review this product.

We Score This Game

rating score: 6


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