Nintendo Reviews

Nintendo Reviews

Kickback Slug: Cosmic Courier, Review

With plenty of levels, bonus levels, great humour scattered throughout, and some whimsical art choices, Kickback Slug: Cosmic Courier is a demanding but fun game.

ANIMALITY, Nintendo Switch, Review

If you’re after a super-simple and super-punishing game with a dose of cuteness, then Animality could be the game for you.

Swordship, Nintendo Switch Review

If the description “a futuristic lightning-fast dodge’em” doesn’t sell the game to you, then we don’t know what would.

Children of Silentown, Review

A point-and-click adventure game with a fantastic art style.

Lost in Play, Nintendo Switch Review

Lost in Play is a journey through childhood imagination. You play as a brother and sister duo on an adventure to find their way back home.

JETBOY & the Randomizer of DOOM Review

Nintendo Switch review of JETBOY & the Randomizer of DOOM from GameOverDog. A retro supercharged jetpacking pixel shooter.

REDO! Review

There’s a new sci-fi action-platformer on consoles – REDO!. Top Hat Studios and Robson Paiva have released the game on Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series S|X and the Nintendo Switch, which is what I was lucky enough to play it on. It’s an atmospheric, non-linear RPG adventure with a 16-bit aesthetic. It looks beautiful, and the […]

Metal Tales: Overkill Review

Metal Tales: Overkill is an action-adventure game where Metal and Adrenaline clash to give you the ultimate 3D roguelike guitar-shooter. Fight against the looming curse affecting your Metal brothers and free them from an ancient evil.