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REDO! Review

There’s a new sci-fi action-platformer on consoles – REDO!. Top Hat Studios and Robson Paiva have released the game on Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series S|X and the Nintendo Switch, which is what I was lucky enough to play it on. It’s an atmospheric, non-linear RPG adventure with a 16-bit aesthetic. It looks beautiful, and the description sounds horrific. Was I expecting to enjoy this game? Was I completely sold just on some screenshots? Did I have a vision of myself breaking my Nintendo Switch in half when I died one time too many in a short period of time? It might surprise you to hear the answer is yes to all three questions. Or, if you know me, then you’re probably not that surprised.

In REDO! the age of humanity is over, like my sanity.

“Ben, you should have known.” Shush. “But it’s in the description – Dark Souls-inspired.” I never played it. Ignorance is bliss. “Okay, but it says ‘unforgiving environments’ and that you’ll need every tool available to survive. There are enough clues here!” Shut up, brain. I’ve only died more times than I care to remember. It’s fine. I’m having fun even if I might have started a verbally abusive relationship with my Switch.

The Game

You take on the role of the last human on Earth. Sadly, you’re not the last being on Earth. That would be too easy. Instead, you’re joined by bio-machines that, for some reason, absolutely hate you. Maybe you pissed them off one time, but who knows.

The baddies of REDO! breathe fire, shoot electricity at you and spit plasma. They are a delightful bunch that show no mercy. Especially since you start with a pickaxe. It might not be a pickaxe, I don’t actually know what it is, but it looks like it could be one. It hardly seems fair when you consider what you’re up against.

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Do you know what’s really not fair, though? There’s no map! I only know where a save point is because I’ve died so often that they’re starting to feel like second homes to me. A Metroidvania with no map at all? Way to make it harder!

There is some good originality with the combat system. Each enemy you encounter has not only a HP count but also stamina. They become more vulnerable when their stamina empties and obviously die when their HP does. They’re faster than you. Better equipped. You’ll die, you’ll rage, maybe go a bit insane and yet you won’t stop because your damn pride won’t let you.

What I learned is that I need patience. I work in IT Support, so you’d think I have loads of patience, but I do not. On the days when I do, though, things seem better in this game world. I Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge like there’s no tomorrow. That next save point? It’s my new home. That new weapon I found? I feel invincible. I’m not, though, as the game quickly reminds me. But that new weapon makes taking out some enemies much more manageable than before. It’s all about timing, though. Sometimes you just have to take your time.

redo 2

Look & Sound

REDO! is a stunning-looking game. I love pixel art, so I knew I would love this game visually.

The enemies look fantastic and the world created is hauntingly beautiful. It’s limited in designs, but with different layouts, it’s not that noticeable. Flipping things like trees so that they look slightly different is simple but effective. A world of dark tunnels, crumbling buildings and manky sewers. It really does look incredible, which makes you want to explore.

The soundtrack creates a nice atmosphere. Nice might be the wrong word. I mean, look at the game. Look at how it’s described. It’s not meant to create a nice atmosphere. It’s intended to just create an atmosphere. And create one it does. It helps mesh you into this doomed 16-bit world. It gets you in the mood of the game. That kind of nice atmosphere – that kind that works perfectly for the game it’s attached to.

Length & Replayability

Apparently, the game can be completed in 7 to 12 hours – quite a difference in time. I get the feeling that I might be at the end of that time frame if I ever make it to the end. And I will make it! It took me a long time with Dead Cells to get to and become competent on 5BC, so if it takes me a while with REDO! then so be it. I’m going to complete it even if it drives me mad in the process.

When it’s completed, you get to do it again. Don’t act surprised. The game is called REDO!, the hint is literally in the name. Replaying it all over again comes with a twist. What kind of twist, you ask? I’m glad I pretended you asked. Unfortunately for you, I don’t know. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the difficulty is cranked up a notch. Okay, maybe not a notch… cranked up a lot.

redo 1 1


Overall, REDO! is a stunning, frustrating game that I can’t let go of. There’s so much to like about it, and I refuse to be beaten by a game. Refuse!

It’s beautiful, atmospheric, challenging and slightly addictive. It has a story that you want to unravel. Designs that you want to see more of. Music that draws you in.

It feels original in its mechanisms, and the more you play, the more rewarding you find it. Sure, you die a lot, right? It’s not just me? Am I bad at gaming? No, don’t be ridiculous. You’ll die a lot too, don’t deny it. You die a lot, and you go back and attempt to kick ass. Remember that save points are your friends if you can remember where they are. They not only save but restore your health and ammo.

It’s a punishing game. Luckily for me, I hate myself, so I’m enjoying it in a weird way. Not that you have to hate yourself to enjoy it. Dark Souls fans don’t all hate themselves, surely. If you like a challenge, though, then this game could be right up your alley.

I rate REDO! a solid 8/10

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We Score This Game

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