Golfie Early Access Review

Welcome to my review of Golfie from developers Triheart Studio and publishers Yogscast Games (Startenders, Glurp). This is the first commercial game that Triheart Studio is releasing and it is a minigolf game mixed with roguelike and deck-building elements. There are three genres of games that I love to play all mashed into one! The game is available now on the Golfie Steam Page for £14.99 with a 20% discount until 2nd June.

Think Ahead, Thank Me Later

So with such an interesting mix of genres, how will Golfie play out? Continue reading to find out! You can also check out our previous reviews.

The Game

So, Golfie. Where do I start? Let’s start with how it initially plays. You start the game and you’re given 18 procedurally-generated holes for you to work your way through. This means that no two courses are the same when it comes to a round of golf in Golfie. These are also spread across four different biomes. These biomes range from the desert, the cherry garden, a dungeon, and more.

During your round of golf, you will be given different cards that will help (or not) you through each hole. Such cards range from the power shot, curve shot, lob shot, and more. You’ll need to make sure you use the right card for each shot. If you finish over par or fall into those dastardly traps, you’ll lose energy. Of course, once that’s completely gone, your run is over.

The key is to build a decent enough deck with the amount of coins you find as you’re smashing your little ball around the courses.


There is a free play mode that allows you to enjoy a round of minigolf without the deck-building pressures. This is a much more relaxing mode, of course. Not only that, you can compete against other players in the world in the daily runs, this allows players to compete on the same course as other Golfie players.

Of course, it’s early days in the journey to full release for Golfie. But it is certainly off to a fantastic start if you ask me.

Look & Sound

The graphics are absolutely adorable, with bright colours, cute characters, and textures that look brilliant. The level designs you come across are fantastic and the team at Triheart Studio have done a great job with the graphics.


The audio in Golfie is also fantastic, it’s definitely a pleasure to your ears especially if you’re using a headset or headphones. I highly recommend you do. Sound effects are met with a beautiful soundtrack that will keep you nice and relaxed whilst you’re getting your ball around the holes.

Length & Replayability

Being a roguelike you can literally play this game over and over again. You can spend many, many hours in Golfie thanks to the procedurally-generated holes. There are also plans for multiplayer to release over the summer so this will add even more replayability.

At present, the game does not have any achievements but I am sure they will be in the game by the time it hits full release.


Golfie is great fun and kind of reminds me of Golf with your Friends. Of course, it isn’t the same due to the roguelike and deck-building elements, but it reminds me of GWYF a lot. You’ll have a great time when playing Golfie as long as you make sure the cards you use are the correct ones for your shot.

Now because this is an early access title, I shouldn’t give it a score as such because it’s not the final game. However, in its current form, Golfie gets a score of 7/10 from me.

A code was kindly provided for us to review this.

We Score This Game

rating score: 7

Very Good!

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