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Hotel Renovator Review

Welcome to my review of Hotel Renovator on the PC. This game is out now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Hotel Renovator was developed by Two Horizons (Camping Builder, Best Mall Simulator) and published by Focus Entertainment (Aliens Dark Descent, Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun).

It is a game where players are tasked to renovate their grandad’s hotel and bring it back to its former glory. It’s not just a standard simulation/builder game like House Flipper though as there is a bit more to it than that.

Continue reading to find out my thoughts on this game and why I scored it what I did.

The Game

As you have already read, Hotel Renovator is a simulation game where it’s the player’s task to renovate their Grandad’s hotel and make it shine again. Roy (the grandad) has buggered off somewhere sunny and left the hotel in a complete mess. Not to worry, we are here to save the day!

The game has a story to it, and as you progress through the rooms on each floor it will reveal more about the story. You may think that each floor has the same amount of rooms but it doesn’t each floor is different. For example, there is a “Disco” floor where you empty an old Disco hall and get it back up to a top-of-the-range nightclub, or even a quiet little club just for guests to enjoy and chill. There’s also a spa later in the game, but the main focus, of course, is the hotel rooms themselves.

Hotel Renovator

Each room has its own layout which means you can mix it up a bit. But, each room has one thing in common when you first enter it. It’s an absolute mess. Full of rubbish, destroyed furniture, old nasty curtains, in need of a lick of paint, and more. Time to sort this out.

When you first start Hotel Renovator the cleanup job in each room feels quite mundane. Don’t worry though, keep at it. Because soon enough you’ll unlock new tools which help to make the renovation work of each room a breeze. You start with a crowbar to destroy furniture, rip up the carpets, get rid of that old wooden effect panelling on the walls, and destroy cobwebs. Yes… Cobwebs must be destroyed with a crowbar. This cracked me up the first time I realised I had to do that. I was trying to clean the webs with a brush… who would have thought I had to use the crowbar and later on my trusty sledgehammer to clean some webs. Brilliant!

Just Keep Working!

So yeah, as you progress you unlock more tools like the sledgehammer, a hoover, the little robot hoovers, and… Dynamite. Dynamite is the best to clean a room up with, literally chuck a stick of it into a room and stand back. Boom, the entire room is now ready for renovation. Trash, carpets, walls, the ceiling… Everything is gone and ready for that redesign… Including the cobwebs!

As you complete each room, you will unlock more space for guests to book a room. Each extra room means more money each day. Not only that, as you unlock more and more rooms your hotel star rating goes up. You can gain a maximum of a five-star rating for the hotel. Each star rating unlocks better quality furniture meaning you can create higher quality rooms.

Hotel Renovator

The game also has little jobs for you to complete. Guests will ask you for certain items to be put in a room and you’ll have a time limit to do this. Upon completion, you will earn a money bonus for satisfying the guest’s requirements. Other jobs require you to help a guest find their wallet, or the power will go and you will need to get it back up and running, for example.

The game also has a menace lurking around in the hotel that will occasionally pop up and cause havoc. For example, this menace will destroy furniture in rooms and will also challenge you to a game of dice. This menace is none other than a brown chicken. Yep! You read that right. This chicken also seems to leave golden eggs around the hotel that earn you money each time you find one. It will start at $1,000 and the bonus raises each time you find one. Finding them all will also unlock an achievement, and so will winning the game of dice.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing through Hotel Renovator to the point where I wanted to unlock every in-game achievement as well as complete the entire hotel. So I did just that.

I thought the graphics were very good except for the NPCs clipping through objects. If you’re not sure what clipping is, take a look at the below image. She didn’t stand in that bath, she literally walked through it. The same happens with the character we’re controlling. We can just walk through everything.

Hotel Renovator

Another issue I stumbled upon was a couple of times after exiting the game, Steam would not close the game. I would have to completely restart Windows for the game to close. Not a huge issue as it doesn’t take long these days, but a bit of an annoyance.

The sound effects in the game are fairly basic but suit the setting. You can’t really get top-quality sound effects in a game where you’re re-building a hotel, in my opinion. Therefore, I think the audio fits just fine.


Overall, I really enjoyed Hotel Renovator. It took me 12.4 hours from start to finish to complete the story and unlock all of the 27 Steam achievements the game has to offer. If the in-game tasks/jobs were not so repetitive and I did not have the aforementioned clipping/character glitching I would have scored this a 10.

To find out more about this game, you can visit the official Focus Entertainment site for it. You can also check out our previous reviews.

I score Hotel Renovator an 8/10.

A code was kindly provided for us to review this.

We Score This Game

rating score: 8

Very Good!

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