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Welcome to my review of Kubifaktorium for the PC. Developed and published by Neomateria Games (BossConstructor) who are a team of two. The team consists of Dr. Mirko Seithe and Lisa Besse. Mirko is the developer and designer behind the game whilst Lisa worked on the graphics. They’ve both done a fantastic job with this game.

Automate Your Life With Kubifaktorium!

How will Kubifaktorium compare to other city builders/management sim games? Continue reading to find out. You can also read our previous reviews.

The Game

Initially, Kubifaktorium comes across as a typical city builder/management sim game. But it’s not. It is way, way more than just a typical builder game. We start off with the basics, mine some wood, stone, etc. But soon enough we’re building wells, houses, and much much more including machinery and production chains. Sounds like my place of work.

The game also offers many biomes for you to explore and farm, or mine. As the player progresses further into the campaign, more building types and resources are unlocked or found.

It begins.

Kubifaktorium is not your standard builder, eventually, you’ll be delving into the automation side of this game. This is where Kubifaktorium starts to truly shine, you think it’s a good game to start with? wait until you get further into the tech trees and you can build bigger and better colonies. As you can see in the below image, things can really start taking a bit of a toll on your management skills, so make sure they shine their brightest as early as you can and you’ll keep on form later on.

The world map. Can you finish it all?

Just like any other colony game, things can go wrong very quickly. Fortunately, should this happen it isn’t game over and you can pull the reins back in and keep control. One thing I did like was you don’t have to farm food to keep your colonists alive. They’ll just work the day away with no food or water requirements. This is good as it can help you to concentrate on increasing the size of your colony.

As mentioned further into the game you can create automation, this helps with transporting goods from point A to point B, or further. The devs have worked this really well into the game and it’s certainly a very welcomed feature to the city builder genre in my opinion. Basically, if you’re looking for a city builder-style game with a fresh take on the genre, definitely give Kubifaktorium a go. In fact, give it a go anyway!

Our little workers.

The game is also designed to be mod-friendly. This will allow players to create anything new in the game. Even if that were to be a total conversion of the game to something completely different, Kubifaktorium will support it.

Look & Sound

I love the voxel-style graphics in this game. They kind of remind me of Minecraft, but then they would as the graphics and colouring to textures are similar. That’s not a dig at this game, by the way, it has a great design about it and it’s just a pure joy to look at especially from the isometric camera angle. It runs absolutely fine on my 2070 Super laptop at 1080p and also 1440p. I did not experience any graphical (or game) glitches or bugs at all.

The graphics are very detailed for a voxel-based game.

The audio of the game is rather basic but fitting. The music of the game is very relaxing, it’s just a chilled-out song that helps you zone out from real-world problems and relax. This is what I love about games like this, they just help relieve stress and also help raise your mental health levels.

Length & Replayability

Being a city builder-style game, you can play this game literally for as long as you want to. The replayability is through the roof with games like these, you could literally spend hundreds of hours in one level if you really wanted to. Kubifaktorium also has 46 achievements for players to unlock, should they wish to.


You can check out Kubifaktorium on Steam if you wish to purchase the game and support Neomateria Games for future releases. Kubifaktorium is such a relaxing game that not only runs and looks beautiful, but the gameplay itself is fantastic. It’s not hard at all to give Kubifaktorium a high score of 9/10.  

A code was kindly provided for us to review this.

We Score This Game

rating score: 9


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