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PowerWash Simulator Review

Welcome to my review of PowerWash Simulator. PowerWash Simulator is brought to us by developers FuturLab (Peaky Blinders: MastermindVelocity 2X) and publishers Square Enix Collective (Circuit Superstars, The Turing Test). The game is literally as it sounds. You play as someone who is hired to power wash items at the request of various people.

Never Has A Game Been So Satisfying!

So you may be thinking, what fun is it using a virtual pressure washer in a game? Keep on reading to find out my thoughts. Check out our previous reviews.

The Game

We start the game off by learning how to use our power washer by washing our company van. It’s a fairly easy job to start you off in the world of pressure washers. Later on, we have far more difficult takes such as washing people’s houses, vehicles, fairground rides, and more.

PowerWash Simulator
Whoa, this is going to take some time.

Of course, being a sim game, there isn’t really a story here. But that doesn’t matter, the game is so relaxing that you won’t even care about a story. As you earn more money doing jobs for people, you can buy attachments for your power washer, upgrade your power washer to more powerful washers, and more.

The gameplay itself is rather basic, but it doesn’t need to be complex with a game like this. If it was too complex, you’d get bored quite easily I think. But that’s definitely not the case with PowerWash Simulator. I was genuinely addicted to this game up until completion, I literally couldn’t play anything else until I finished that final job.

I quite liked some of the smaller jobs as I found some of them pretty cool, such as the dirt bike and golf cart. The amount of detail that has been put into the whole game is incredible though, definitely not something you will miss out on in PowerWash Simulator.

PowerWash Simulator
Can’t wait to make this shine!

As mentioned there is quite a variety of items to wash in this game, which is fantastic for the asking price of £15.99 at the time of writing. For me having 30+ hours on this game, I feel that is definitely value for money. Not once did I think “oh this again” or “this is taking forever”. I just grabbed my power washer and went about my day.

Look and Sound

The graphics are actually surprisingly nice. Once you start cleaning certain things up, particularly metal, they have a beautiful shine to them giving you that real sense of accomplishment that you’ve done your job today. The game runs very well also, I did not experience any issues with huge drops in frame rate at 1080p and also 1440p.

PowerWash Simulator
Look how shiny it is!

The in-game audio is just right. The music is a nice peaceful tune to help you wash your woes away. The sound of the power washer itself can get a bit annoying after a while, but then, what is FuturLab supposed to do? Add a whistle or a balloon to the end so it makes a funny noise? Nah, it’s good the way it is as it sounds realistic.

How Long?

It took me over 30 hours to complete all of the jobs currently in the game, including the special challenge that is also available. I won’t tell you what that one is though, you’ll have to find that out for yourselves. At present, the game does not have any achievements so once you’ve completed all of the available jobs, that’s it. However, you can replay them all again in free play. Or, you can invite a friend to play through them all with you in the new cooperative beta that’s just been released.

All in all, for the price that’s being asked, you get a lot of content for your money.


PowerWash Simulator is absolutely fantastic and you must go and get it. I was actually struggling with some mental health problems when I bought this, and man, it sure did help. Should you wish to purchase the game, you can do so on the Steam page here. If you’re a fan of other sim games such as Lawn Mowing Simulator or House Flipper then this is definitely a game for you to purchase.

I give PowerWash Simulator a top score of 10/10.

We Score This Game

rating score: 10

Absolutely Fantastic!

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