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SoundPEATS Air4 Pro Wireless Earbuds, Review

My journey to find the perfect SoundPeats headphones continues. We’re pretty close, and now it’s the turn of the SoundPeats Air4 Pro earbuds. Will they be able to take the crown from my current favourites, the SoundPeats Capsule 3 Pro?

Well, I’ve played around with them for the past two weeks either on my way to and from work, at home or any other time that I’ve been able to. So let’s get into it.

Design & Comfort

First thing out of the box, I noticed that the Air4 Pro’s are slightly smaller than any others that I have. I wouldn’t say they’re small – more a medium-sized earbud, but they’re still noticeably smaller than my others. Even the case is slightly smaller than with the Capsule 3 Pro’s. That got me a little excited straight away, as although I wouldn’t class the Capsule 3 Pro’s as large, I feel like this slightly smaller form is just that little bit nicer.

There are some other differences in the case too, just to make it obvious which is which. Down one side of the case is a bronze accent piece that says “Hear Your Imagination,” which is a nice touch. The case is also not a solid black like all the other cases for SoundPeats earbuds I have – this one has silver specks all over just to add a little something something to it.

Earbud wise, there are also some differences. The stalk is slightly shorter, which is to be expected with the smaller case. But you also don’t have the bronze accent down the stalk like you do with the Capsule 3 Pros, as its just a blob at the top. You certainly won’t be getting the two confused. They’re small differences, but differences that make them easy to tell apart. They look great, and I actually prefer the Air4 Pro look with the subtler accent.

SoundPeats Air4 Pro earbuds

As for comfortability, I expected nothing less than just to slot these into my ear holes and continue my life pain and discomfort free, and that’s exactly what I got. They’re light, so there’s no pulling on your ear. They slot in nicely and the silicone tips hold them in place like it’s where they belong. You can’t ask for much more really.

SoundPeats App

If you want to get the best out of your SoundPeats Air4 Pro earbuds, then you definitely need to download the SoundPeats app. It’s essential. The app doesn’t do too much, but there are some key features.

One of my particular favourites is the ability to turn off touch controls. Don’t get me wrong, touch controls can be useful, but I live in a city where it rains a lot and is windy. That means my hood gets blown against the side of my head and either changes the volume or turns the earbuds off completely. Raincoats are not good with headphones since they can activate touch controls.

The Air4 Pro model also allows for in-ear detection, which can be pretty handy. Like touch controls, this can be turned off if that’s not your thing.

There’s also gaming mode, equalizer settings, noise reduction options (ANC, normal or transparent mode), and the ability to check battery levels.

The app is still missing one setting that I would like to see, though. And that’s an easy way to see what the touch controls are. Put the booklet that comes in the case into the app. I love that the app is pretty simple, as it doesn’t need to do too much, but it would certainly be helpful to include something like what the booklet contains for easy access. Sometimes, you just need to remind yourself what the touch controls are.

Calls, Outside and Sound Playback

The majority of my listening was outside on my walks to and from work. There’s a lot of traffic and wind, and I had some mixed results.

With traffic, ANC is excellent. I would put it as better than the Capsule 3 Pro. They produce a good sound that takes over almost all of your hearing. Without a doubt, the Soundpeats Air4 Pro earbuds deliver a powerful mid-bass and punch, adding an exciting layer to your listening experience.

SoundPeats Air4 Pro earbud next to case

As for wind, well, the built-in microphones were a bit too sensitive to that for my liking. When it was super windy, I couldn’t hear anything other than the wind, which is a slight problem living in a coastal city. And that was also a problem during phone calls. I could be heard, but it was also mentioned that they could hear the wind too, even when it wasn’t that windy. When it’s not windy or I’m indoors, though, the sound quality for music, podcasts and calls is crystal clear.

The battery lasts around 6.5 hours with ANC off – 4 with ANC on. Earbud-wise, it’s plenty. The case has a 330nAh battery, which is significantly smaller than the Capsule 3 Pro that had 500mAh. So, there’s a significant difference in playtime between the two before needing to charge the case. Not too long-lasting, but enough to get me through the week. A total of 26 hours of playtime is still more than good enough.

The earbuds are IPX4 dust and waterproof-rated, which I feel could be higher. With the form factor of these, it seems odd that they can only get IPX4. Maybe it’s a cost thing, so I won’t complain too much because if it keeps the cost down so that they remain affordable, then it’s good.


Overall, the SoundPeats Air4 Pro earbuds are quality. There are a few small drawbacks, but nothing that’s a real dealbreaker for me. The sound quality, when it’s not windy, is really good, and they look incredible. The bass is satisfying, the ANC works a treat, and the microphones pick up sound really well.

It’s a shame that they couldn’t fit a slightly larger battery in the case, as there’s quite a difference between these and the Capsule 3 Pro, when the case isn’t too much smaller. It’s a bit of an oddity that there’s such a difference in battery size compared to the case sizes. But it’s still plenty of playtime overall, so it’s not a big complaint. It’s more of a “but why?” kind of thing.

After two weeks of exclusively using these, it’s left me torn over which is my favourite between the Air4 Pro and the Capsule 3 Pro. It’s a tough choice, but I think the Air4 Pro just edges it. Whatever one of the two I pick, SoundPeats has still become my daily listening device. The quality they are producing at affordable prices is outstanding. They might not be “pro” level in price, but they certainly are in design and quality.

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I rate the SoundPeats Air4 Pro earbuds an excellent 9/10.

SoundPeats Air4 Pro earbud next to case 2

SoundPeats Air4 Pro Key features

  • Snapdragon Sound with aptX Lossless.
  • 13mm Dynamic Driver for Immersive Sound.
  • Adaptive ANC Tech& Triple Mics Noise-Cancellation.
  • BT5.3 Multipoint Connection& In-ear Detection.
  • 88ms Low Latency Game Mode.
  • Total 26 Hrs Playtime& App Control

We Score This Game

rating score: 9


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