Arise: A Simple Story

Arise: A Simple Story Review

Welcome to my review of Arise: A Simple Story. This game is brought to us by developers Piccolo Studio and publishers Untold Tales S.A. (What Lies In The Multiverse, Beautiful Desolation). It is a platform adventure game with puzzle elements. It is available now on the Xbox and PlayStation family of consoles, as well as PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG), and Nintendo Switch.

Control Time To Overcome Obstacles

So will this game be a tale to remember or just another game to forget about? Continue reading to find out. You can also check out our previous reviews.

The Game

Arise: A Simple Story takes players on the first step to the journey to the afterlife. The heartfelt story in Arise is one of an old man’s life which is interwoven with love and loss. Each level in this game is based on memories from the old man’s life. One of the key mechanics in Arise is the ability to manipulate time to your will. This will allow you to progress further into levels to get closer to the end of the story.

Arise: A Simple Story
Bend time to your will.

The game also has local cooperative play so you and a family member or friend can go through the heartbreaking yet beautiful adventure together. During the adventure, you will change the landscapes using the aforementioned time manipulation mechanic. For example, you can fast forward time to melt a ton of snow that’s ahead of you. In turn, this will cause the water levels to rise, which will cause a platform to float up with the water as it rises.

Bingo bongo, you now have a path across a gap. You just got to use your brain a big with this game, not too much to make it stressful though. It’s a pretty clever feature to have in a game as you can literally shift seasons at the tap of a button.

Arise: A Simple Story
The levels are amazing.

The artists have done a fantastic job with the level design in Arise, not only are they beautiful but they’re also very well thought out.

Look & Sound

The graphics used for Arise: A Simple Story are absolutely gorgeous. I mean everything looks so good considering it’s quite a basic game at the end of the day.

The textures look very good, the art style fits the story well, and it runs buttery smooth on the Xbox.

Arise: A Simple Story
Absolutely gorgeous.

It’s clearly obvious that Piccolo Studio put a lot of work and effort into Arise, as not only does it show, but you can hear it. The music in the game is truly beautiful. The same can be said for the sound effects, it all just sounds great in my opinion.

Length & Replayability

Arise: A Simple Story is a rather short game, it’ll take completionists around 6 hours.

However, the game does have achievements, 34 of them. So should you miss one on your initial playthrough, you’ll be able to play catchup.


Arise is a beautiful game that has a soundtrack that will please one’s ears and gameplay to keep you nice and relaxed. If you wish to, you can check out more about the game on the official Arise Website.

I give Arise: A Simple Story a score of 7/10.

A code was kindly provided for us to review this.

We Score This Game

rating score: 7

Very Good!

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