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Tag: Hardware

iWALK PowerGrip Review

Charge on the go with the iWALK PowerGrip.

Soundcore Liberty 4 NC Review

Martin listened to some of his favourite music on the Soundcore Liberty 4 NC wireless earbuds, come and see what he thinks of them.

Miyoo Mini Plus Review

Martin has finally made his hands look big with this little device!

Tecware Phantom 88 Key Keyboard Review

Martin was sent a Tecware Phantom 88 key with red switches, come and have a read at what he thought.

iWalk LinkPod USB C Power Bank Review

Martin has been walking around and charging his devices with the iWalk 4800mAh USB C Power Bank!

Edifier W240TN Review

Another set of earbuds from Edifier, but are they any good? Martin takes a look.

Edifier MR4 Review

Martin reviews the Edifier MR4 speakers in his latest write-up.

Edifier WH500 Wireless Headphones Review

As a person who takes music everywhere, I would not wait to give these a try. From personal experience, Edifier has made some great quality products in the past. Is the Edifier WH500 one of them?Maximum Quality, Minimum SpendAs a current owner of the W820NB headphones which go everywhere with me, I was interested to […]