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Tag: Survival

Omega Crafter Reels in Fishing Update

Update v0.8.0 is out now!

V Rising Review

Martin has been feasting on his foes in his latest review.

Launch Alert: First Dwarf early access release date announced

First Dwarf – The dwarven scout embarks on a do-or-die mission on June 19th. This is the perfect time to gather everything you might need to conquer the floating islands

Embrace the Chill: Permafrost plunges you into a world of ice and ruin

Developer SpaceRocket Games and publisher Toplitz Productions have announced Permafrost, a new addition to the survival game genre with a chilling narrative. Permafrost thrusts players into a bleak, open-world urban landscape where survival is not just a choice – it’s a necessity.In the wake of the cataclysmic ‘shattering’, an apocalyptic moon phase phenomenon, humanity finds […]

Bullet-Hell Beckons: Rising Heat is coming next year!

Join the Rising Heat tournament, a sci-fi shooter where you unlock ships, pilots, and weapons to battle alien foes and bosses.

Explore the Wild West in Forty-Niner

Explore the Wild West in VowelA’s Forty-Niner, a survival game with dynamic terrain and settlement building, launching in 2025.

Sengoku Dynasty Kintsugi Update Has Been Launched

Sengoku Dynasty Unveils Impactful Kintsugi Update: Revamped Progression and Immersive Enhancements Await.

Under a Rock Dives Deep on Dodo Lore

Under a Rock is an open-world survival craft game where you can explore, fight, tame, and ride various creatures on a mysterious island. Learn more about the game’s features and watch the announcement trailer here.