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Tag: Tower Defense

Launch Alert: First Dwarf early access release date announced

First Dwarf – The dwarven scout embarks on a do-or-die mission on June 19th. This is the perfect time to gather everything you might need to conquer the floating islands

Experience Ark of Charon during Steam Next Fest

Guide the World Tree sapling on a treacherous journey for the first time during Steam Next Fest ahead of its early access release on July 9th 2024

The Fate of Baldr release date set

Join the epic Viking adventure in Ananki Game Studio’s tower defense game, The Fate of Baldr, releasing on Steam on the 22nd of May

Protect the Realm in Defenders Guild

Join Defenders Guild and lead a team of adventurers to protect the realm in an epic tower defense game. Strategy meets fantasy!

The Fate of Baldr Stunning Work in Progress Artwork

The promising Norwegian Ananki Game Studio just revealed some really cool Work in progress artwork.