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Broken Sword News! 2 New Games(ish)!

Adventure game aficionados the world over, sit up and pay attention: Revolution Software is gearing up to welcome fans new and old to Broken Sword in the months and years ahead, lifting the lid on two exciting new projects at this year’s Gamescom in Köln.

First up, Revolution Software is excited to reveal the sixth chapter in the Broken Sword series. In development for console, PC, and mobile, Broken Sword – Parzival’s Stone offers a major evolution in adventure gaming with the simplicity of a point-and-click adventure brought bang up to date with innovative, immersive gameplay. A unique ‘Super 2D’ graphic style offers stunning hand-drawn backgrounds, applied to 3D geometry which delivers the visual style, in high resolution, but with the flexibility to create incredible cinematography that is only possible in 3D.

Broken Sword Parzivals Stone Screen06 1

But before George & Nico can even think about setting out on their brand new adventure, they’ll have to contend with a completely revitalised and – as the title suggests – ‘reforged’ version of their debut tale, Shadow of the Templars, in development for PC, console, and mobile for an early 2024 release. Yes, almost three decades on from the series’ original outing, Revolution is re-drawing backgrounds, re-animating sprites, and honing many other aspects of the original game to deliver this adventure classic in full 4K, with upscaled audio lifting the quality of the speech to match the new refined visuals.

  • Broken Sword – Parzival’s Stone will be a brand new adventure in the series and is in development for console, PC, and mobile. The game employs a revolutionary ‘super 2D’ visual approach. George and Nico reunite but soon find themselves embroiled in a terrifying conspiracy involving Nazi treasure hunters, brutal medieval histories, and Quantum Physics.  Like all Broken Sword games, it can be played without any prior knowledge of the previous titles. A focus on user experience will ensure the game appeals to fans of the series as well as a new generation of adventure gamers.Broken Sword Parzivals Stone Screen03

  • Broken Sword – Shadow of the Templars: Reforged, the 4K reinvention of the first Broken Sword game, in development for console, PC, and mobile for release in early 2024, is designed to enhance everything that fans love without losing the core charm that made the game an enduring classic over 25 years. As such, the game will be so much more than just a piece of nostalgia for existing fans, but also a way for newcomers to experience the first chapter in the series utilising the crisper visuals the hardware of today affords. Launching before the new adventure, it’ll be the perfect introduction for newcomers to the humour-based, globe-trotting mystery-focused titles Revolution is known for.


Are you ready to outwit the goat once more in Broken Sword? Check out the trailer below!

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