The Latest News

The Latest News

Bakery Simulator is coming on Switch!

Master baking in Bakery Simulator, now on Switch! Manage, bake, and grow your bakery empire with realistic gameplay.

Jötunnslayer: Hordes of Hel Announced for PC

Arise, Brave Warrior, and Claim Your Place in the Legendary Halls of Valhalla.

Cowboy 3030 Early Access Launching May 28th

Co-op Roguelite Shooter Giddy-Ups for Early Access Launch!

The Hungry Lamb: Traveling in the Late Ming Launches Soon

Travel through the late Ming dynasty as a Bandit named Liang.

Armed and Gelatinous: Couch Edition Launches Soon

Competitive Multiplayer Mayhem and Minigames in Space

Lost In The Open Premieres with a Playable Demo

In this roguelike, low-fantasy tactical RPG, your survival hinges on strategic recruitment, desperate fighting and sincere repentance.

Buckshot Roulette Out Now on Steam

The high-stakes YouTube hit will introduce console editions and multiplayer later this year.

King Arthur: Legion IX Launching Next Month on Steam

King Arthur: Legion IX Launches May 9th 2024 on Steam!