Definitely Not Fried Chicken

Definitely Not Fried Chicken Out Now On Steam!

Great news for fans of the Breaking Bad inspired Drug Empire Business Sim, Definitely Not Fried Chicken as it has now been released as a full game on Steam. Version 1.0 is here! Congratulations to developers Dope Games and publishers Merge Games. I love that it’s inspired by the absolutely amazing TV show, Breaking Bad!

Own A Legitimate Business With A Twist!

Definitely Not Fried Chicken lets you become a narcotics overlord with your dream of running your own drugs empire. You can manage both sides of the business. Be it by slinging dope on the shady side and clean up the hard-earned cash through the legal business fronts.

All I will say is watch the trailer, it looks fantastic, and this is a new one on my radar. It has been added to my Steam Wish List which you can do too. You can also take advantage and get 20% off the game until October 5th, so be quick!

Version 1.0 Key Features:

  • New Drug Line + variations
    • Cocaine
    • Crack Cocaine
    • Pure Cocaine
    • Flaming Cocaine
  • 2 new businesses
    • Casino
    • Nightclub
  • New Truck Delivery Vehicle
  • 2 New Special Clients
    • Nuns
    • The Devil Himself
  • Story end-game content 
    • Conclusion of the in-game story
  • New UI update

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news or visit the official site of the game.

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