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Epic Games Store – Free Games 14th September 2023

The latest free game is now live on the Epic Games Store. You have until 4 PM on the 21st of September 2023 to add it into your Epic Games library, forever!

This week we’re getting one free game which is below.

911 Operator

A game about the difficult work of people that manage emergency services.

Answer incoming calls and react properly – give first aid instructions, advise, dispatch the correct number of firemen/police/ambulances, or sometimes – just ignore the call. Play on ANY CITY in the world!

>In 911 OPERATOR, you take on the role of an emergency dispatcher, who has to rapidly deal with the incoming reports. Your task is not just to pick up the calls, but also to react appropriately to the situation – sometimes giving first aid instructions is enough, at other times a police, fire department or paramedics’ intervention is a necessity. Keep in mind, that the person on the other side of the line might turn out to be a dying daughter’s father, an unpredictable terrorist, or just a prankster. Can you handle all of this?

This game has 18 achievements on the EGS version for you to unlock.

View on the Epic Games Store

Next week we’re getting two games! Out of Line, and The Forest Quartet.

What do you think of the above freebies? Let us know in the comments. You can also read some more of our news.

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