SCUM unleashes The Horde 0.95 update

SCUM, the multiplayer survival game that originally launched in 2018 has had a major new game update released. Jagex and Gamepires are calling update 0.95 “The Horde” update and it has quite a few game changing features.

The update features some improved tutorials for new and returning players, new weapons, new attachments, and also the return of a fan-favourite vehicle which is the Pickup truck. There is also a rework of the crafting system.

Update 0.95 also welcomes new players and it introduces the Survival Codex. This is a new in-game database that contains all of the essential information a player would need to survive in the world of SCUM. It shows players a whole range of useful things from movement controls, survival skills, base building, and player attributes. There is also some new Survival Tips that will pop up periodically during gameplay offering helpful information based on the players situation.

Players can also get excited about an overhaul to the enemy spawning system. It introduces new threat zones, low, medium, and high. High value loot can be found in, of course, the High Threat Zones. There will also be more dangerous enemies in the different zones. It runs down to weighing up if the reward is worth the risk.

New weapons include the new Improvised Flamethrower and the hard hitting modern SCAR-L. There is also now a suppressor for .45 ACP firearms. Also there’s the PU scope to add range to the Mosin rifle.

Finally, the update brings performance optimisations and the implementation of the latest version of Nvidia’s DLSS alongside Nvidia frame generation for the 4xxx generation of GPUs.

You can watch the trailer below, as well as visit the official SCUM Steam Store page to find out more. There is currently a 50% off discount on the game until 21st December. So now is a great time to buy if you’re interested!

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