The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials Halloween Update Now Live

Indie developers Red Barrels are pleased to announce that the latest entry in their terrifying Outlast franchise has received a major game update. This update is free to all who own the game. The Courthouse update brings a new trial to The Outlast Trials which originally launched into Steam Early Access in May 2023.

At the time of writing, the game has sold 1.4 million copies, and is rated as Very Positive with over 28,000 reviews on Steam.

Court is in Session!

Below is more about the update, but if you do not own the game now is your chance to grab it with a discount. With thanks to the Steam Scream sale that is live now through to November 2nd, you will be able to save 20% off of the original price of the game. That means you will be able to buy it for £19.99 / $24 US / €23.20 / or $31.19 CAD.

The Outlast Trials allows up to four players to shit their pants together, which is quite nice really. I’ve been playing this game (review coming soon!) and it’s quite good that you can play solo. It does need some tweaks for solo players though in my opinion. Anyway, back to the topic of the Courthouse update. Below is what you can expect to unlock, if you get far enough that is!

The Outlast Trials

I love the presidential looking costume, gives me real vibes of The Purge movies!

Key features of this Update:
  • Group Find Changes – Find players for the same Trial and other options
  • New Level Cap, Prescriptions and Amps – Continue your progression and unlock new Prescriptions and Amps
  • New Conclusion – Where will Murkoff send the reborns?
  • New Legendary Outfits – New Legendary Outfits available for the reborn
  • Player Reporting Tools – New tool to ensure a great experience for all players
  • New Performance XP – Rewards based on your actions during the Trial
  • AI Improvements – Revamped Screamer enemy and many other changes

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news.

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