Arcade Paradise VR

Arcade Paradise VR Release Date Revealed!

Arcade Paradise VR finally has a release date folks! It will be launching on April 25th 2024 onto Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro!

Pick Gum in Arcade Paradise VR!

I absolutely love the original release of Arcade Paradise. It’s such a fun game that has a lot to do once you get into the game.

The VR release will be no different, we can get back to dim arcades, vintage washing machines, and those money-stealing cabinets… in Virtual Reality!

The game will see players travel back to the 80’s and 90’s to run their very own arcade. You will have to manage the business, do the laundry, clean the toilet, and pick the gum the customers leave for you… Most importantly, you will be able to play 12 fully realised VR cabinets alongside 27 traditionally controller games from the original Arcade Paradise!

Key Features

  • 12 brand-new fully realized VR arcade cabinets alongside 27, 90’s inspired, traditional controller games from the original release
  • A wide range of gameplay from laundry mini-games to managing a full arcade with fully playable games cabinets.
  • Set high scores across each game in competitive online leaderboards.
  • Soundtrack composed by former The Prodigy live show member Kieron Pepper in collaboration with Black Razor Records.
  • Coming of age storytelling featuring award winning voice actor Doug Cockle playing your belligerent father, Gerald.
  • Bring the 90’s to the future with Mixed Reality, place cabinets in your living room for a whole new level of immersion.

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news. If you head over to the Meta Store page you can add the game to your wishlist now.

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