Ballad of Antara

Ballad of Antara Launches in 2025

Infold Games (Love and Deepspace, Infinity Nikki) is pleased to announce their new Free-to-play Action RPG, Ballad of Antara. They have confirmed that the game will launch 2025 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Mobile platforms.

The game is being developed by TipsWorks Studios who are known for Pascals Wager.

Action-RPG? I am there.

Ballad of Antara’s reveal trailer was shown during the later PlayStation State of Play event. The game is based on a brand-new IP. But, people might be thinking “here we go again, another A-RPG / SoulsLike game!”. But, this one looks pretty darned good from what we can see in the trailer.

Ballad of Antara

Ballad of Antara is set in a fantasy land and will tell the story of a world devastated by an invasion by an ancient force. The essences of the land were twisted and lost during the invasion. The journey will be made by players taking on the role of a mysterious girl on a mission to reunite the sundered world.

In their journey, players will traverse diverse landscapes, explore meticulously crafted gameplay space, and fully discover the game’s intricate level design. Players will meet Emissaries, powerful entities that wield the force of the World essences. The playable characters will have unique classes, gameplay capabilities, and also enticing mysterious stories.

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news. To learn more about the game, please visit the official website.

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