Cowboy 3030

Cowboy 3030 Early Access Launching May 28th

Cowboy 3030 will launch on Steam Early Access on Tuesday, May 28th 2024. The game is brought to us by husband-and-wife developer duo, Soy Boy Games.

Save Hololass County in Cowboy 3030!

Cowboy 3030 is a roguelite third-person shooter and has already received many updates to the free game demo. It will see players take on the dreaded Nebularos gang in single-player or online co-op. Since they rode up they have enacted a reign of terror across the futuristic Wild West.

The game is set in Hololasso County and will feature many weapons, features, characters, and more. Players will be able to step into the boots of electro-lasso-slinging Calix or Keri with her Precision sniper Rifle.

As players take down fallen outlaws they will be able to upgrade their arsenals and abilities ready to have a showdown with the Nebularos Ringleaders.

There are more heroes to play as, such as Teri with his ol’ reliable shotgun.

“With Cowboy 3030 now officially quick-drawn into Early Access, we look forward to bringing a fresh experience to roguelite shooter fans,” said Soy Boy Games founder George Chiu. “We’re excited for everyone to saddle up and star in their own spaghetti western shootouts.”

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news as well as the game on the Steam Store.

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