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Magic City Detective: Wings of Revenge – A Nintendo Switch Game of Magic and Murder

Explore the spellbinding streets of Venice with Magic City Detective: Wings of Revenge Collector’s Edition! This magical adventure-puzzle game from Ocean Media is now available on Nintendo Switch. Join the fun and use your magnifying glass and magic wand to solve mysteries and uncover hidden secrets. Get ready to experience a captivating and enchanting world that will leave you spellbound!

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Step into the shoes of a clever detective with intuition sharper than a wizard’s spell in this unique masquerade experience. What began as a glamorous evening takes a magical turn for the worse when an uninvited, mysterious threat invades the party, bringing the statues to life. Magic City Detective: Wings of Revenge is not your ordinary crime story, but a mysterious showdown that combines detective skills with the glamour of a Venice costume ball.

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Magic City Detective: Wings of Revenge Collector’s Edition promises a thrilling adventure as players navigate a cunning trail of clues, encounter magical creatures and solve mysteries hidden beneath masks. Solve the case, stop the evil, and save an entire city from a magical disaster!

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Are you ready to put on your detective hat and enter a world where magic meets mystery? Head to the Nintendo eStore.

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