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Meet the Norse Gods and Goddesses in The Fate of Baldr

The Norwegian Indie game developer Ananki Game Studio sends a big tribute to Norse Mythology. The developers of The Fate of Baldr have taken inspiration from ancient legends to create their upcoming game, which is coming soon.

The Norse Mythology refers to the Scandinavian framework that existed in the Viking Age (year 790-1100). It encompasses the myths and legends of supernatural beings related to the pre-Christian Nordic religion.

The ancient Norse people followed a polytheistic religion, which means that they believed in multiple gods and goddesses. Ananki Game Studio is celebrating Norse Mythology by revealing three bosses from The Fate of Baldr, which features stories about various gods, creatures, and heroes.

Brokkr and Eitri

In Norse mythology, the dwarf brothers Brokkr and Eitri created two of the most powerful and iconic weapons: Thor’s hammer, Mjølnir, and Odin’s spear, Gungnir. Gungnir is a magical weapon that always hits its target flawlessly. In The Fate of Baldr, Brokkr and Eitri are conjoined twins wielding a formidable smithing hammer. In the dark and mud-covered wasteland of Svartalvheim, they emerge as a boss.

The Fate of Baldr: Brokkr and Eitri


Freya, the voluptuous goddess of love and war. Four dwarves forged Brisingamen, a magic necklace, and gifted it to her after she spent a night with each of them.

In The Fate of Baldr, Freya appears as a majestic archer boss in the magical jungles of Alvheim.

The Fate of Baldr: Freya


Hel, the horrific queen of death, daughter of Loki, and sister to Fenrir and Jormungandr. She is the feared ruler of Helheim, where those who die of sickness and old age are sent.

In The Fate of Baldr, Hel is a necromancer boss in Helheim, rumored to keep Baldr’s soul since his death.

The Fate of Baldr: Hel

Begin your journey towards the Norse Mythology and wishlist The Fate of Baldr now on Steam.

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