ODINFALL Announced For Summer Launch

ODINFALL has just been announced and it has been said it will launch to Steam Early Access this Summer. It is being developed by Ember Paw Games and published by Fireshine Games.

Enter The Viking In ODINFALL

Players will be able to wreak havoc in a post-apocalyptic world in this Twin-Stick shooter with roguelite elements. You will be able to punch gods in the face when playing as the Cyberzerker. Slice through mobs of enemies as the Dark Elf. Mine some gold as the Dwarf to upgrade your gear. You will be able to dual-wield guns when playing as the manic Gnome… Finally, you can stampede through your foes whilst playing as a Viking Moose!

ODINFALL is an outrageously over-the-top, frantic, and fun game that fans of roguelite games are going to dig!

You can also sign up for a closed beta that has guaranteed access which kicks off on April 10th. You can sign up for the beta here.

Key Features:
  • Multiple unique playable characters
  • Fast-paced twin-stick shooting and melee combat
  • A huge assortment of weapons & an endless array of mod combinations
  • Procedurally generated levels, with upgrades, abilities, skill trees & more
  • AI robot gods!

You can watch the trailer below as well as wishlist the game on Steam. You can also check out our previous news.

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